The Lowdown Liveblogs The Oscars!

Tonight is the big night in the world of entertainment but we all know how the Oscars is going to be a huge snorefest. To liven things up, I’ll be posting some random tidbits during this uber long award show.

Let’s kick things off with the Razzie winners! Looks like Mike Myers is the big winner this year! The Love Guru was a piece of crap movie. Sorry Mike, you’re no longer a comic genius. Another big winner is Paris Hilton for worst actress! Wait a second. Have the critics not seen One Night in Paris???

Speaking of Razzies, it seems like the new Street Fighter movie will be a contender next year. Poor Michael Clarke Duncan… why is he being casted in crapfests like these? He deserves better. Variety

8:30 pm: Hugh Jackman off to a decent start. I guess the guy can be funny. The dude has earned his fees. He did manage to make a plug for the big budget flop ‘Australia’… even though it was in a self-depreciating way. Continue reading