Sunday Link-Off: Assault

Here we are again. The election isn’t getting any better. Remember when we all thought that it would be over at building a wall to keep Mexicans out? It wouldn’t be nearly as sad or entertaining, would it? If either party has a different candidate, this election would be finished already. Instead, we have a cult of personality on the right and someone too establishment to continue the message of hope and change on the left. God help America, especially if Trump wins.

If you’ve been out of the loop, here’s a list of women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other improprieties. (Mother Jones)

Trump’s response to many of those accusations? They’re liars and ugly so he wouldn’t consider sexually assaulting them. (New York Times)

Trump’s repeated accusations that the election is rigged against him has started a ground swell of supporters who are openly discussing civil war if The Donald doesn’t win. (Boston Globe)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Whole World in His Hands

lake-bell-esquire14-01Another week, another set of links. Normally, this is the day I would remind Canadians to file their taxes but they until May 5th to file their taxes because Revenue Canada fell victim to the Heartbleed Bug. And even with that extra five days, I still have relatives who aren’t going to file on time. Figures.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick things off with Lake Bell.

The so-called Fair Elections Act might have gone through some revisions but it could still use some work. (The Globe and Mail)

You’d think that the death of Net Neutrality would be a big deal. Naturally, it was ignored by the big US news shows. (Media Matters)

Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA is surprising because it’s a much more stern move from new Commissioner Adam Silver than his predecessor would ever make. (Yahoo Sports)

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The Humanoids: Don’t Hate The Player

It’s been an interesting week in the world. Two sports figures caught some major flak for their Halloween costumes. Another sports figure got divorced. And 12-year-olds have cemented their control over Twitter while their hero gets dragged into his first real scandal. It’s almost the status quo. But no one ever said that the status quo was always boring. Continue reading