Sunday Link-Off: Assault

Here we are again. The election isn’t getting any better. Remember when we all thought that it would be over at building a wall to keep Mexicans out? It wouldn’t be nearly as sad or entertaining, would it? If either party has a different candidate, this election would be finished already. Instead, we have a cult of personality on the right and someone too establishment to continue the message of hope and change on the left. God help America, especially if Trump wins.

If you’ve been out of the loop, here’s a list of women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other improprieties. (Mother Jones)

Trump’s response to many of those accusations? They’re liars and ugly so he wouldn’t consider sexually assaulting them. (New York Times)

Trump’s repeated accusations that the election is rigged against him has started a ground swell of supporters who are openly discussing civil war if The Donald doesn’t win. (Boston Globe)

On that note, a Kansas militia group was planning to commit genocidal terrorist attacks against American Muslims on the day after the election to create a religious war inside and with the United States. (Kansas City Star)

Neither candidate or their supporters are likely to accept the results of the election. Trump and supporters have deluded themselves into believing the election is rigged. Hilary and supporters should be wary of results if they lose because Trump is openly encouraging voter intimidation at polling stations where Hilary is likely to do very well. (Law Newz)

Before jumping into the proverbial bed with Bill Clinton’s accusers, Donald used his usual attacks against them in support of Bill. I don’t suppose this change of heart is a move to win an election, can it? (ABC News)

We’re still waiting on The Apprentice tapes but there have been all sorts of stories about what happens behind the scenes on Trump’s show:
– The Donald isn’t racist. He just used the N-word on the set. (The Daily Dot)
– He also called a sound engineer a “fucking monkey.” (BuzzFeed)
– And Lil Jon was repeatedly called an “Uncle Tom” behind his back. (The Daily Beast)
– The Donald referred to Khloe Kardashian as “fat” and “ugly” and was looking for any excuse to send her packing. (Huffington Post)

By the way, he also finally called Hilary Clinton ugly. (Daily Intelligencer)

New York City’s city controller did an audit on donations to 9/11 charities and didn’t find any donation from Donald Trump or his Foundation as he had pledged. (New York Daily News)

Not helping Trump in any way is the fact that he blocked his campaign team from doing opposition research on himself. Over the last several weeks, that’s proven itself to be a mistake. (Bloomberg)

Trump Hotels’ next hotel will not be branded Trump. Is this a sign that even those inside the Trump Organization think that the Trump brand is damaged? (Slate)


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