Saturday Link-Off: A Tale of Two Leaders

deborah-mace-anthropologie13-01Happy weekend denizens of the interweb! It’s Saturday which means that it’s time for the links. As you might expect given the news this week, we’re talking about two very different types of people in the news this week. Anyhow, let’s start with Deborah Mace.

Nelson Mandela died this week so we’re going to start with a few Mandela links. First, here’s a timeline look at his life. (New York Times)

And here’s a look at Mandela’s life in pictures rather than words. (National Geographic)

While Nelson Mandela is now thought of as a hero for the freedom of South African, for a long time, he was thought of as a terrorist and vilified by the same folks who are now praising him. (The Daily Beast)

More news about the Rob Ford crack scandal came out this week. The mayor was blackmailed over the video that he previous said doesn’t exist and offered $5,000 and a car. (Toronto Star)

Also, the video is believed to be the motive for Anthony Smith’s murder. (Toronto Star)

Mayor Ford has a new weekly radio gig. He’s on a morning show in Washington, DC, called Sports Junkies. His first appearance had some facepalm worthy quotes. (Torontoist)

The talented (and lovely) Robyn Doolittle has a new book about Mayor Ford and the crack scandal coming in February. She recently did an interview about the Mayor, the book, the scandal and how being the lead reporter on the crack scandal has changed her life. (The Grid TO)

Even President Bill Clinton got bored in meetings and was prone to drawing dongs on briefing documents. (The Wire)

Instant replay is so common in modern sports that you may not know that it’s only 50 years old and was quite a shock when it first debuted. (Fox Sports)

With the NFL and NBA fining coaches for bad behaviour, don’t forget that the NHL has its fair share of bad mannered coaches. (McIndoe)

Sometimes fighters fight to inspire their team or protect teammates. Most of the time, they’re trying to help each other keep their jobs. (Backhand Shelf)

Deadspin was actually able to buy a Baseball Hall of Fame vote. You can even help determine who gets on the ballot by voting on their website. (Deadspin)

The proposed logos for 150th anniversary aren’t particularly good. So Steve Murray (not me) has an alternative. (National Post)

Any Christmas movie supercut that includes clips of Santa’s Slay (the greatest Christmas movie ever) should be watched by everyone.

The Worst of Music returns from hiatus next week. Let’s warm you up with this one-minute mashup of the year’s top songs.

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