EA Sports Announces 2010 Music Lineup

Many gamers, including myself, look to the newest video games for the latest in great music and no one puts more effort into their game soundtracks than EA. I’m always looking at EA Sports’ latest games for music to use on The Lowdown radio show. However, this year marks a change in philosophy for EA’s music crew. This year, they’re mixing some great new music with some older classics. They’re also mixing songs from bigger acts with songs from some less known acts on all of their soundtracks. So, want to know what you expect to hear when you get in the game? Find the soundtracks to Madden 10, NHL 10, NBA Live 10, and FIFA 10 after the jump. Continue reading


Madden 2010 Cover Athletes Revealed

EA Sports made the announcement that video game and football fans have been waiting for since the Super Bowl.  This year, for the first time ever, a Madden NFL game will have two players on the cover.  Starring on the cover will be safety Troy Polamalu of the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the NFC champion Arizona Cardinals. Continue reading