Sunday Link-Off: Behind the Scenes

lauren-cohan-esquire13-03Well, I jinxed us when prepping the intro for this post. Originally, I said we got through the week intact when we almost didn’t. Anyhow, next week is our F1 preview week. We’ll have all the usual features and we’ll even throw in our Mass Effect 3 Citadel review for good measure. But first, we have the Sunday links. Since there’s a new episode of The Walking Dead tonight, here’s Lauren Cohen.

We all know that Disney came from seemingly nowhere to drop $4 billion to buy Lucasfilm  and everything Star Wars but do you know how the deal came together? (Businessweek)

Keeping with behind the scenes stories, here’s a look at CERN’s chase to find the Higgs boson. (New York Times)

Sports owners are well-known for crying poor. However, one owner has been proven to be a liar when crying poor. The Carolina Panthers aren’t a hard done by team. They made over $110 million over the last two years. (Deadspin)

Nate Silver is sort of like an every man blogging hero. He went from soul crushing desk job to online poker player to baseball pundit to political pundit. He’s done it all, really. (PBS)

Given that the World Baseball Classic started this weekend, it’s appropriate to cross politics with sports. The death of Hugo Chavez might open up Venezuela to Major League Baseball. (Open Mike)

What if The Simpsons did another baseball episode like the classic Homer At The Bat? Who would be the stars that would get the call to start for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team? (Jonah Keri)

One of the all-time great wrestling managers, William Moody (AKA Paul Bearer), died last week. Here is a look at some of his greatest moments in wrestling. (With Leather)

We don’t have very many hockey links on here so let’s make up for that. If you were to break up the NHL’s top forwards into broad categories based on skill sets, what would you call them? (Backhand Shelf)

Everyone hates ESPN’s craptacular pseudo-debate program First Take, including ESPN’s golden boy Bill Simmons. (Deadspin)

Reddit users answers a very important question: Who is the biggest celebrity asshole you’ve met? (Reddit)

The New York Post says that Howard Stern could replace Fallon when he replaces Leno. My question is what would happen when Stern gets bounced off the air when Leno takes his old time slot back. (SplitSider)

It looks as though the old Pokemon anime cartoon that a lot of folks watched while growing up has been given the HD treatment. (Kotaku)

Meet Ravi. He can solve a rubik’s cube while juggling. I struggle to do that just concentrating on doing that.

So you want to be a game reviewer on YouTube? Here’s some helpful advice to get you started.


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