Sunday Link-Off: Spring Forward

kari-byron-fhm06-1bIt’s Daylight Savings Day (unless you’re in Saskatchewan). That means you’ve lost an hour of your life but you were probably going to waste it anyway. After all, that extra hour of sleep we get in the fall is just used for sleep. What good ever came of being asleep anyway?

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we have to do some links. Since Mythbusters just wrapped up its run, let’s kick things off with Kari Bryon. Well, Kari Byron from ten years ago.

It’s been five years since the Japanese tsunami and the Fukushima power plant is just as dangerous now as it was then. (Newsweek)

The FBI’s claims that they can’t unlock an iPhone is “bullshit” according to Edward Snowden. (The Guardian)

It didn’t work in the election but the Conservatives are still pushing the Justin Trudeau is too young narrative. That’s why they’re polling stronger now than during the election. (

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