Sunday Link-Off: Steel City

I wasn’t sure who to lead with so here’s both Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.

Well, Tiger Woods’ return to regular PGA Tour work was an epic failure. Maybe he really did mean “Bootyism” because Buddhism can actually make your golf game better. (Wall Street Journal)

In an era of DVD-RWs and USB drives, the 3.5-inch floppy disk is still ridiculously popular. But just who is still buying them? (BBC)

Bill Murray, who I often refer to as “Cuz,” is still an absolute legend. (New York Magazine)

After the jump, Pittsburgh sports links, Jaro Halak is literally a god in Montreal and Stanley Cup history will be made. Continue reading


Entertainment Link-Off: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Kicking off this entry is something from Jessica Alba’s latest photoshoot for Total Film. I haven’t heard much about her lately, but she’ll be appearing in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete which is slated to hit theatres on September 3rd!

After the jump Hitler parody videos are in danger, the return of Wikus van der Merwe and William Shatner does a duet with Taiwan sensation Lin Yu Chun! Continue reading