Sunday Link-Off: Steel City

I wasn’t sure who to lead with so here’s both Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.

Well, Tiger Woods’ return to regular PGA Tour work was an epic failure. Maybe he really did mean “Bootyism” because Buddhism can actually make your golf game better. (Wall Street Journal)

In an era of DVD-RWs and USB drives, the 3.5-inch floppy disk is still ridiculously popular. But just who is still buying them? (BBC)

Bill Murray, who I often refer to as “Cuz,” is still an absolute legend. (New York Magazine)

After the jump, Pittsburgh sports links, Jaro Halak is literally a god in Montreal and Stanley Cup history will be made.

The city of Montreal really likes Jaroslav Halak. Too bad that this picture of him as Jesus may have jinx him in Friday’s game one. (Washington Post)

Big Ben Roethlisberger has really hit the big time. Eminem just name checked him in his latest freestyle rap. (Mondesi’s House)

Even cooler, though, is the brand new Ben Roethisberger jersey that you might still be able to get online. (Deadspin)

Fortunately, not everyone in football is as big a douche as Big Ben. Lions linebacker Zack Follett actually has a sense of humour though the opposition wishes it would carry onto the field. (Detroit 4 Lyfe)

And keeping with Pittsburgh sports, Sidney Crosby is the new face of sports in the Steel City. (Yahoo Sports)

Colorado Rockies catcher Miguel Olivo is one tough son of a bitch. (The Last Angry Fan)

Silverstone opened their new Arena Circuit which will host F1 and MotoGP this year. However, Martin Brundle isn’t sold that all of F1’s ills will suddenly be cured. (Crash)

The South Carolina Education Lottery teamed up with Ric Flair for their newest scratch ticket. (Charlotte Observer) If you win, you could live in the biggest house in the big side of town… Or you could by shoes that cost more than your neighbour’s house. WOO!

One reason that Tiger struggled this weekend: He wasn’t rocking the right shoes. Fortunately, he can get some custom hi-tops with Tiger & hoes painted on them. (The Shoe Buff)

And let’s close with a couple of my favourite parody ads based on those “History Will Be Made” ads for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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