Election Link-Off: The End is Here

jennifer-lopez-clinton16-02So here’s a new one. We’re doing a special Election Day linkdump for the 2016 US Presidential Election. When you have pundits concerned that this could be the last time that they could vote for a President, I think we should probably round up the news before any possible changes to America’s First Amendment are made. That might be the tip of the iceberg of things that would change depending on who wins 270 or more electoral college votes.

Anyway, it’s Election Day so we’re doing the links. Let’s kick off with J-Lo from a recent Hilary rally.

You’ve heard about the possibility of the Russians interfering with the election. Just how are they already doing that without actually hacking the vote. (CNN)

Donald Trump claims to have a winning temperament but not when it comes to libel lawsuits. (Poynter)

Speaking of temperament, the Trump team has such faith in The Donald’s temperament that they took away his Twitter so he couldn’t tweet in the days leading up to the vote. (Talking Points Memo)

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Sunday Link-Off: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

jennifer-lopez-complex15-01A little late but not any links short, it’s time for the Sunday edition of the links. I’ve been busy working IRL and on the blogs yesterday and I didn’t have as much time as I’d like. But for only a few more hours in the day. Star Trek said there were 26-hour days. Can we do that now?

Anyway, no more waiting. Let’s kick off today’s links with Jennifer Lopez.

Another week, another story about the CBC from Canadaland. This time, we learned they stonewalled Edward Snowden’s story. (Canadaland)

The Beer Store claims that it operates on a breakeven basis. Technically, that’s true. But it’s not like the owners aren’t making money hand over fist. (Toronto Star)

Modern technology was supposed to make life better for all of us. In many ways it has. However, the modern world is taking a toll on your brain. (The Guardian)

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Worst of Music: Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor

When she signed up for American Idol, it wasn’t for the good of the future stars of the music industry. It was so she could revive her nearly dead career. Unfortunately for JLo, it’s Steven Tyler that became the breakout new star from this season of American Idol. That hasn’t stopped her from trying to revive her musical career, unfortunately for us. For this week’s WoM, JLo teams up with Pitbull for On The Floor. Continue reading