Election Link-Off: The End is Here

jennifer-lopez-clinton16-02So here’s a new one. We’re doing a special Election Day linkdump for the 2016 US Presidential Election. When you have pundits concerned that this could be the last time that they could vote for a President, I think we should probably round up the news before any possible changes to America’s First Amendment are made. That might be the tip of the iceberg of things that would change depending on who wins 270 or more electoral college votes.

Anyway, it’s Election Day so we’re doing the links. Let’s kick off with J-Lo from a recent Hilary rally.

You’ve heard about the possibility of the Russians interfering with the election. Just how are they already doing that without actually hacking the vote. (CNN)

Donald Trump claims to have a winning temperament but not when it comes to libel lawsuits. (Poynter)

Speaking of temperament, the Trump team has such faith in The Donald’s temperament that they took away his Twitter so he couldn’t tweet in the days leading up to the vote. (Talking Points Memo)

And that same temperament had Trump say he’ll sue his sexual assault accusers and start a vengeance-focused super PAC. (New York Times)

Can you say that all the jobs are leaving America when 3.2 million jobs have been created in less than 18 months and unemployment has nearly halved over the last eight years? (The Atlantic)

Investors fear a Trump presidency so much that him being so close to winning following the Comey letter to Congress caused a near-historic drop in the S&P 500 index. (Huffington Post)

Sure, people don’t trust the media but, if you check the scoreboard, 57 newspapers endorsed Clinton while 2 endorsed Trump. Actually, you could mark that score as -2 because four newspapers specifically said to not endorse Trump while not endorsing any other candidate in particular. (The Hill)

We mentioned the protester who was almost murdered at a Trump rally over the weekend. What does it say about a man’s dedication to the First Amendment, the Constitution and the whole American people when any distension is met with forcible removal? (Vox)

A poll shows that 62% of Americans say that the election has made them less proud to be American. (NBC News)

And here’s Keith Olbermann talking about why protest votes and not voting could possibly destroy the American democracy. When pundits can claim that there is a non-zero chance that this could be their last ever Presidential vote (and KO isn’t the only one to say this), people need to vote.


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