Death Rally Review (or Why You Should Read the Whole Review, Not Just Scores)

death-rally-box-artThis won’t shock regular readers but I’m a bit of a racing fan. Find me a driving game and I’m likely to take some positive from it. I say “likely” because that was “going to take a positive” from a driving game until I picked up the remake of Death Rally. Remedy Entertainment might be best known for its work on Max Payne and Alan Wake but the first game out of the studio was 1996’s Death Rally. Fifteen years later, it was remade for iOS and this year, it was ported to PC.

So is Remedy’s update of one of its classics up to par with recent updates like XCOM and Baldur’s Gate? Can an iOS port to PC be worth the price of admission? I examine in my review. Continue reading


Hotline Miami Review (or One Way Ticket to Chaos)

hotline-miami-coverNovember’s Steam sale was every bit as great for me as a gamer as it was bad for my wallet. I bought far too many games but I went out of my way to buy what reviewers said were the best games. That’s why I bought Hotline Miami. It’s a well-reviewed game with some nostalgia for those of use who played classic Grand Theft Auto games. I’ve never been one for excessively violent games so I thought I’d give it a try to see what the hype was about. Continue reading

FTL: Faster Than Light Review (or Second Star to the Right and Straight on ‘Til Morning)

I recently said that I was going to get into reviewing more independent games on the blog instead of just the big releases. With indie games gaining a bigger foothold in the market thanks to Kickstarter and online distribution, it seemed like a good idea to examine the world of independent games. Let’s start that today with a slightly belated review of roguelike space sim FTL. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: GC100

Today will be fun at Lowdown HQ. We’ll be watching the final race of the F1 season and the Grey Cup with some NFL in between. If you’re a sports fan, today will be a good day. Just to troll a certain singer who is part of the Grey Cup halftime show, here’s Selena Gomez.

Since the NHL’s collective bargaining negotiations went nowhere last week, people are talking about the possibility of decertifying the NHLPA to give the players leverage in negotiations. Elliotte Friedman sat down with @SportsLawGuy Gabe Feldman to discuss what decertification actually means. (CBC Sports)

Nate Silver is so big now that even President Obama cracks Nate Silver jokes. I think he’s made it. (Talking Points Memo)

Speaking of Nate Silver, the anti-Nate Silver, Unskewed Polls’ founder Dean Chambers, is back. Instead of unskewing accurate polling, he’s unskewing election results based on what he perceives to be voter fraud in the election. (Mother Jones) Some people just don’t know when to quit.

After the jump, coverage of the 100th Grey Cup, a head-to-head-to-head game console comparison and Clarkson’s take on the new Toyota/Subaru/Scion sports car. Continue reading