Sunday Link-Off: GC100

Today will be fun at Lowdown HQ. We’ll be watching the final race of the F1 season and the Grey Cup with some NFL in between. If you’re a sports fan, today will be a good day. Just to troll a certain singer who is part of the Grey Cup halftime show, here’s Selena Gomez.

Since the NHL’s collective bargaining negotiations went nowhere last week, people are talking about the possibility of decertifying the NHLPA to give the players leverage in negotiations. Elliotte Friedman sat down with @SportsLawGuy Gabe Feldman to discuss what decertification actually means. (CBC Sports)

Nate Silver is so big now that even President Obama cracks Nate Silver jokes. I think he’s made it. (Talking Points Memo)

Speaking of Nate Silver, the anti-Nate Silver, Unskewed Polls’ founder Dean Chambers, is back. Instead of unskewing accurate polling, he’s unskewing election results based on what he perceives to be voter fraud in the election. (Mother Jones) Some people just don’t know when to quit.

After the jump, coverage of the 100th Grey Cup, a head-to-head-to-head game console comparison and Clarkson’s take on the new Toyota/Subaru/Scion sports car.

As you know, Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier in the year than the American version. That’s not the only big difference between the two holidays. (Mental Floss)

Pro wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts is on the comeback trail. He’s getting clean and getting back in shape with the help of Diamond Dallas Page. (Newsday)

How about a little Grey Cup coverage? What’s been the biggest story of Grey Cup week? Getting a horse into the Royal York Hotel. (National Post)

Some troll at Sun News Network, a network where “news” might be more inaccurate than when used in Fox News, thinks the CFL should be boycotted until they change distance measurement from yards to metres. (55 Yard Line)

Just to show we still cover sports, here’s a recap of the LOL-tacular Thanksgiving game between the Jets and the Patriots. (Sports Grid)

ESPN accidentally released something the wrong thing when posting Tuesday’s PTI podcast. Instead of a 22-minute audio version of the show, it was a 200-minute collection of the show, random conversations and other behind-the-scenes moments. (Deadspin)

In this week’s Sports on Earth, With Leather looked at Boy Meets World. Naturally, there was a lot of pro wrestling. (With Leather)

Did you know it’s been five years since Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and five years of waiting for Episode 3? Here’s a timeline of our wait for the next Half-Life. (Kotaku)

You still have a little time left in the autumn Steam sale. You might consider picking up an indie game or two, including multiplayer first-person medieval combat game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. (Calm Down Tom)

Now that the Wii U is out, how about a head-to-head-to-head comparison of graphics between the Wii U, 360 and PS3 using Mass Effect 3. (Digital Foundry)

Remember the classic indie RPG Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden? Don’t worry, I don’t either. Anyway, it’s getting a sequel. (Gamma Squad)

Time is banking on the Mayans being right. They’ve released their list of the all-time best games. (Time) There are many questionable inclusions and omissions on there so I wouldn’t blame you if you skipped it.

There’s something to said for fulfilling a dream. I’m not sure I would have if my dream was base jumping at West Edmonton Mall but this guy did.

What does Jeremy Clarkson think of the new Toyota GT86, AKA the Subaru BRZ, AKA Scion FR-S? He absolutely adores it.


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