Sunday Link-Off: Supe-Har Bowl Sunday

beyonce-gq13-04You know what? Fuck the Harbaughs. As a Lions fan, fuck that disrespectful Jim Harbaugh. Coach Schwartz could kick his ass. And John I don’t mind as much but fuck Ray Lewis. He’s hiding behind god so he doesn’t have to answer about that homicide charge and that deer antler spray. 

Right, as today is the Super Bowl and since she is performing in the halftime show, let’s start this post off with Beyonce.

Did you know that the NRA has an enemies list? Chances are that someone you like is on that list. (Daily Kos)

January wasn’t a good one for Faux Fox News. The right-wing “news” channel had its worst primetime ratings in twelve years last month. (The Week)

Speaking of the right-wing media, the Breitbart network of blogs has added a sports blog. Naturally, its most popular post is about a homophobic football player. (Vice)

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Sunday Link-Off: Having A Laugh

Well, last week was interesting for me. It’s not everyday that former TV game show host Chuck Woolery calls me stupid. Apparently I’m stupid for not agreeing with him that Mitt was actually joking when he said airplane windows should be able to roll down. If Mitt’s wife having to make an emergency landing because of smoke in the cabin is what Mitt and Chuck consider funny, they’d make a perfect writing team for a CBS sitcom. Anyway, let’s troll the Tea Party again with Miranda Kerr. The Republicans don’t have women that look this good.

Samuel L. Jackson has a message for everyone who isn’t concerned about the Presidential election because they think Obama will be handily re-elected: WAKE THE FUCK UP! (WTFU 2012)

The Republican’s think one year’s tax return is enough for Mitt Romney to release. However, it’s not about prying into his personal life. It’s about finding out what bias’ Romney might harbour in making policies which might help his personal finances. (The National Memo)

The GOP hates the Affordable Car Act even though it was based off the health care reform that Mitt Romney passed in Massachusetts as governor. In order to keep the support of the GOP, Romney keeps flip-flopping on whether or not he likes Obamacare or hates it. (Talking Points Memo)

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