Sunday Link-Off: Supe-Har Bowl Sunday

beyonce-gq13-04You know what? Fuck the Harbaughs. As a Lions fan, fuck that disrespectful Jim Harbaugh. Coach Schwartz could kick his ass. And John I don’t mind as much but fuck Ray Lewis. He’s hiding behind god so he doesn’t have to answer about that homicide charge and that deer antler spray. 

Right, as today is the Super Bowl and since she is performing in the halftime show, let’s start this post off with Beyonce.

Did you know that the NRA has an enemies list? Chances are that someone you like is on that list. (Daily Kos)

January wasn’t a good one for Faux Fox News. The right-wing “news” channel had its worst primetime ratings in twelve years last month. (The Week)

Speaking of the right-wing media, the Breitbart network of blogs has added a sports blog. Naturally, its most popular post is about a homophobic football player. (Vice)

After the jump, all of our Super Bowl links, a bunch of NHL links and oppan flipbook style.

If you think I don’t like Ray Lewis, wait ’til you see Drew Magary’s patented hater’s guide to Ray Lewis. (Deadspin)

Rick Reilly is very good at phoning it in since joining ESPN but for once, I think we wish that he did phone in his Colin Kaepernick column. He wrote a dumb column about what Kaepernick should feel about being adopted. (SB Nation)

As always, there are prop bets on the national anthem. So where does the smart money go? (Beyond the Bets)

If you are betting on the game, it’s worth noting that game referee Jerome Boger may not be qualified for the job. (Deadspin)

The city of Edmonton is going to chip in hundreds of millions of dollars to build the Oilers a new arena. The problem with that is that they could take that money and completely revitalize the city rather than help make a rich man some more money. (Copper & Blue)

With the shortened NHL season, statistics show that skill isn’t quite as important as luck. (MacLean’s)

Is getting five guys going hard on the backcheck essential to winning or can it create just as many problems by getting forwards out of position and compromise you going back and on the transition? (mc79hockey)

I’ve linked to many different blogs many times but I’ve only linked Barstool Sports once. I’ve removed that link and am imposing a Lowdown Network ban on linking to them after the writers, readers and bosses went on a misogynistic tirade on Twitter. (Storify)

Did you want to attend the PGA’s Phoenix Open? A media member was selling her media pass on Craigslist… Under her own name… (Wei Under Par)

NVIDIA made the biggest splash at CES with their Project Shield handheld gaming console. Here’s their behind the scenes look at the design and development of their take on an Android console. (NVIDIA)

A genius/madman animated a flipbook version of PSY’s Gangnam Style video. Watch that and listen to the song. It’s actually very cool.

This next video is almost two years old but has only now gone viral. It’s a Russian hockey fight that includes the referee. If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t have believed it.

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