Sunday Link-Off: Having A Laugh

Well, last week was interesting for me. It’s not everyday that former TV game show host Chuck Woolery calls me stupid. Apparently I’m stupid for not agreeing with him that Mitt was actually joking when he said airplane windows should be able to roll down. If Mitt’s wife having to make an emergency landing because of smoke in the cabin is what Mitt and Chuck consider funny, they’d make a perfect writing team for a CBS sitcom. Anyway, let’s troll the Tea Party again with Miranda Kerr. The Republicans don’t have women that look this good.

Samuel L. Jackson has a message for everyone who isn’t concerned about the Presidential election because they think Obama will be handily re-elected: WAKE THE FUCK UP! (WTFU 2012)

The Republican’s think one year’s tax return is enough for Mitt Romney to release. However, it’s not about prying into his personal life. It’s about finding out what bias’ Romney might harbour in making policies which might help his personal finances. (The National Memo)

The GOP hates the Affordable Car Act even though it was based off the health care reform that Mitt Romney passed in Massachusetts as governor. In order to keep the support of the GOP, Romney keeps flip-flopping on whether or not he likes Obamacare or hates it. (Talking Points Memo)

After the jump, Todd Akin continues to try to lose his Senate election, baseball’s most biased announcers and two epic Gangnam Style parodies.

Mitt Romney may be a lot of things but charismatic will never be one of them. Mitt trying to get a partisan crowd to cheer for him instead of running mate Paul Ryan might be one of the most embarrassing things you’ll ever see. (Mediaite)

Possibly even more embarrassing for Romney is that people think more favourably of President George W. Bush than Mittens. Yes, the guy who put the US in two wars and crippled the economy is better thought of than a guy still running for the White House. (Outside the Beltway)

If the GOP’s race for the White House isn’t bad enough, a high-profile Senate race may be going worse. Todd Akin’s legitimate rape comment was bad but now he says government shouldn’t legislate that women should be paid the same as men. (Think Progress)

The problem with Akin’s repeated buffoonish comments are throwing away what should have been a sure thing in Missouri. Now control of the Senate is looking like a toss-up. (Washington Post)

Ever wonder what your beer says about your politics? If you drink light beer, you’re not only less of a man but a Republican. (National Journal)

Justin Trudeau is expected to announce that he will run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Here’s some prospective posters for his campaign. (National Post)

Quebec radio’s infamous Masked Avengers comedy duo have pranked another high profile politician. This time they got UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. All things considered, he took it very well. (Gawker)

A recent lawsuit brought against the NHLPA over the death of Derek Boogaard could expose quite a bit about how the NHL deals with head trauma. (New York Times)

If you’re looking for a long read for the weekend, here’s a look at NFL Films. (The Awl)

If you’re looking for biased sports announcers, look no further than local announcers for baseball teams. The WSJ looked at all MLB announcers to look at who were the biggest cheerleaders. (Wall Street Journal)

How did the LA Dodgers almost inexplicably get sold for $2 billion? The team cut a special deal with Major League Baseball to keep most of its local TV revenue rather than contribute it to the revenue sharing pool meaning the team could cover its player expenses only on local TV revenue. (Bloomberg)

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it but I’m a huge Three Stooges fan. Therefore, I’m obliged to bring you this collection of the Stooges best sports moments. (With Leather)

I’m almost done with the Gangnam Style stuff. However, I’ve got two short Gangnam parody clips that are worth watching. First, it’s the original horse dance as Gangnam Style meets Monty Python.

Here’s what happens when you mashup Bill Nye with Psy.

It’s not exactly a secret that I don’t think much of Apple’s marketing machine. So I’m quite fond of the fact that somebody went out of their way to prank the people waiting in line for the iPhone 5.

When Back to the Future gets mashed up with Doctor Who, it doesn’t always end well for all involved.


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