Happy Madden 11 Day

Today is that other football-related unofficial national holiday. The day after the Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday so people can deal with their hangovers. The day that the new edition of Madden hits the shelves is the other unofficial holiday so people can play all day and win the Super Bowl. But for all the realism that EA Sports is shoving into Madden 11, they’re still doing things that make the game still feel like a video game. Continue reading


Saturday Link-Off: Ready For Some Football

Jackie has gone AWOL so I’ve had to step in to save the day. jennifer-walcott1To celebrate the real start of the NFL season, here’s NFL WAG Jennifer Walcott.

One of the greatest videos ever in the history of the internet: Oregon Trail Meets the NFL. (Kotaku)

Speaking of great videos, Rick Reilly made his first ever appearance on SportsCenter. Just another reason why ESPN’s SportsCenter is better than TSN’s SportsCentre. (Deadspin)

The NFL season brings out all sorts of prognosticators, including those that read tarot cards. Maya Angelou has thrown her expertise into figuring out the 2009 season. (Splog)

After the jump, more football links, Canada’s next superstar, and the Detroit Lions got some special visitors at training camp. Continue reading

Detroit Lions Introduce New Logo

I’m not sure whether it’s a late April Fools’ Day joke, a desperate attempt to show that they aren’t a complete farce, or a typical 4/20 brainstorming session but the Detroit Lions have updated their logo. The new logo is the same leaping lion logo but it is supposed to look more fierce. Does anyone actually consider anything remotely related to the Lions “fierce”? Continue reading