Soccer Night In South Africa: First Past The Post

On the ninth day of the 2010 World Cup, we have our first team to officially qualify for the round of sixteen while a second team joined the ranks of the officially eliminated. One group is halfway to being decided as a result while the other in action today was left wide open after today’s three games. Continue reading


World Hockey Championship Roundup: Do Or Die

The final day of the round robin means that teams had one last chance to make the medal round. Meanwhile, Denmark and Austria were battling just to make next year’s championship. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Moving Day

For the first this tournament, there were six games on the schedule. Four teams from each of the three groups were in action. Teams in Group E and Group F were looking to stay in medal contention while teams in Group G were looking to avoid relegation. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Don’t Get Relegated

After meeting the qualification round teams yesterday, we saw got our first taste of the Relegation Round (Group G) today.  Elsewhere, we had two more games with teams dreaming of a gold medal. Continue reading