Entertainment Link-Off: TKO

Danger, Will Robinson! I’ve drawn in to cover the entertainment and pop culture beat for Jackie. This actually seems like an interesting weekend for films with three big new releases. Ben Affleck’s Argo is about a recently declassified CIA operation but I can’t see anyone but the critics loving it. Seven Psychopaths would be my choice for the weekend because you can never get too much Walken and Harrelson. Unfortunately, the top new film at the box office will likely be Here Comes The Boom starring Kevin James. I doubt it’ll be two hours of Kevin James getting his ass kicked so I’m unlikely to find much enjoyment from the film. However, it does also star Salma Hayek. Small victory, I suppose. Continue reading

The Lowdown Radio: November 10, 2009

Tonight’s episode of The Lowdown didn’t have one of the trademark feature segments but it’s still one of the best this season. The show kicked off with Jackie and Steve breaking down some of the top new TV shows launched this season. On the news, the guys talk strip hockey, the origins of kissing, and Orwell’s 1984. In entertainment, Jackie goes acoustic for his single of the week. Meanwhile, It Came From YouTube features the acapella stylings of Christopher Walken. The sports game of the week is Toss Up which covers sports, politics, entertainment and all points in between.

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On The Lowdown Extra, the TV talk covers every single new show that debuted this season on US network television. No matter how good or bad it is, the guys tell you exactly what they think. The news features a couple of stories about love gone horribly wrong. Jason DeRulo wins this week’s honour of being the worst of music. Sports features added banter and some more Toss Up questions. In total, there’s an extra 30 minutes of Lowdown Extra goodness for you to enjoy. As always, The Extra comes to you uncut and uncensored.

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Lowdown Radio Preview: November 10, 2009

In just 48 hours, The Lowdown radio show hits the airwaves with another spectacular episode. The show starts with Jackie and Steve dissecting the new crop of TV shows to see which ones are worth watching and which should be banished to an early demise. In the news, the guys talk about strip hockey and love gone wrong. Entertainment features Jackie’s favourite (allegedly) new single and the legendary Christopher Walken comes from YouTube. The sports game of the week is Toss Up and the guys delve into topics from the usual sports to politics and entertainment. It’s a great half hour of fun and excitement as only The Lowdown can bring. As Steve says on this week’s show, The Lowdown is where men are men and censors are nervous.

The show goes live at around 6:30 PM Eastern. If you’re in the London, ON, listening area, you can listen live on 94.9 FM. You can also listen online at CHRWradio.com/listen.