The Best of /r/Boop

It’s Friday. It’s been a very long and very cold week. So I think that it’s time that we do another amazing edition of the Best of the Interweb. You’ve probably figured out that I took to Reddit like a fish to water when moved over there from primarily using Google Reader. Surprisingly, my favourite subreddits aren’t Games or News or Politics but Aww and Boop.

So for today’s Best of the Interweb, it’s ten of the best GIFs from /r/boop.

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Entertainment Link-Off: TKO

Danger, Will Robinson! I’ve drawn in to cover the entertainment and pop culture beat for Jackie. This actually seems like an interesting weekend for films with three big new releases. Ben Affleck’s Argo is about a recently declassified CIA operation but I can’t see anyone but the critics loving it. Seven Psychopaths would be my choice for the weekend because you can never get too much Walken and Harrelson. Unfortunately, the top new film at the box office will likely be Here Comes The Boom starring Kevin James. I doubt it’ll be two hours of Kevin James getting his ass kicked so I’m unlikely to find much enjoyment from the film. However, it does also star Salma Hayek. Small victory, I suppose. Continue reading