Entertainment Link-Off: TKO

Danger, Will Robinson! I’ve drawn in to cover the entertainment and pop culture beat for Jackie. This actually seems like an interesting weekend for films with three big new releases. Ben Affleck’s Argo is about a recently declassified CIA operation but I can’t see anyone but the critics loving it. Seven Psychopaths would be my choice for the weekend because you can never get too much Walken and Harrelson. Unfortunately, the top new film at the box office will likely be Here Comes The Boom starring Kevin James. I doubt it’ll be two hours of Kevin James getting his ass kicked so I’m unlikely to find much enjoyment from the film. However, it does also star Salma Hayek. Small victory, I suppose.

Like I said, you can never have too much Walken. Take, for example, this Q&A featuring Christopher Walken. (Grantland)

Only one man in Hollywood is cooler than Christopher Walken. That’s James Bond. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bond movies, the BBC examined how many women Bond has slept with. (BBC)

Over the last eight or so years, one man’s mission has been to fix the original Star Wars trilogy. Finally, he has finished work on A New Hope. (Kotaku)

Did you know that Hulk Hogan was asked to star in The Wrestler before Mickey Rourke was cast? Director Darren Aronofsky didn’t know that. (The AV Club)

If you had CBS’ Made In Jersey as the first new show cancelled this season, you won your pool. If you also thought that CBS isn’t willing to venture outside bad sitcoms and police procedurals, you were right about that too. (Warming Glow)

Mitt Romney has been using the signature line of Friday Night Lights for his campaign. Creator Peter Berg has written an open letter to get the Romney team to stop using it. Clear eyes, full hearts, Peter Berg might sue. (Hollywood Reporter)

If you’re not a fan of Glee, you’ll love this examination of Glee’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments. If you are a fan of Glee, you should still read Stroud’s take on Glee’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments. (With Leather)

You might have read that I’m a fan of The Newsroom. Naturally, I’m obligated to run this interview with showrunner Aaron Sorkin. (Hollywood Reporter)

I’m just going to steal Pajiba’s Joanna Robinson’s intro for this link because it’s basically exactly how I would describe Anna Kendrick:

I like Mila Kunis, I do. But naming her the “Sexiest Woman Alive” seems, I don’t know, too obvious. Anna Kendrick, on the other hand, is talented, smart and funny as h*ll. Not to mention beautiful. So, she gets my vote for “sexiest.” Because sex is more than a cup size, yeah? (BuzzFeed)

A Justin Bieber fan defaced the Rick Rypien memorial column at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Canucks fans weren’t happy. (Deadspin)

Social media site Reddit is cleaning up its act. They’ve banned some of the less savoury subreddits. (The Atlantic Wire)

Part of cleaning up Reddit was after Gawker writer Adrian Chen threatened to unmask one of Reddit’s biggest trolls and one of the leaders of the creepy subculture. That started a war between Gawker Media and Reddit. In the end, Chen unmasked Reddit troll Violentacrez. (Gawker)

Microsoft is going to start cracking down on people who use their video game products to make videos. So much for fair use. (Forbes)

The new owner of Variety, Jay Penske, didn’t take long to make an important change to the company. He’s removed the paywall blocking most of the publication’s online content. (Deadline)

Like I said, there’s never too much Walken. That’s why we have you have to watch Christopher Walken reading Honey Boo Boo.

Best flash mob ever? A whole damn orchestra of musicians flash mobs to do the Star Wars theme. It’s almost as good as Williams’ original.


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