Sunday Link-Off: Iconic

It’s been a while so let’s kick off with Charlize Theron.

Ever wonder how the PlayStation’s controller got its unique design? Here’s the story from the man who came up with it. (1Up)

Last week, I mentioned that ESPN personality Jay Mariotti was arrested. Well, turns out that some folks are fairly happy with this new development. (Sports by Brooks)

Toronto FC’s video editing crew wasn’t impressed with Deportivo Arabe Unido in TFC’s last CONCACAF Champions League game. That’s why they put together this hilarious montage of DAU divers. (24th Minute)

After the jump, Larissa Riqelme’s new job, Glenn Beck’s latest fail and Russians plus vodka equals YouTube greatness.

The NHL is usually considered on the cutting edge of new media and the like for sports leagues. However some franchises aren’t so open to bloggers invading press row. That’s why the NHL has issued a new edict that limits blogger access. (Puck Daddy)

With the US Open of tennis starting this week, the New York Times decided to examining how the new emphasis on power has changed women’s tennis. (NY Times) As long as we don’t get more players looking like the Williams sisters (who look more manly than most men), I don’t care.

And on a better note, Paraguayan model Larissa Riqelme just got a new endorsement deal. (Metro)

Ever wonder what car guys are talking about when spouting off various terms you’ve never heard of before. Here’s a car guy to English dictionary for your car’s exterior. (Jalopnik)

Fourty-seven years ago yesterday, Martin Luther King Jr. made the famous “I Have A Dream” speech. Yesterday, Glenn Beck held a “civil rights” rally at the Lincoln Memorial. God help us. (Crooks & Liars)

I miss playing with Legos. You can make so many cool things with them. Take these ten awesome things made with Lego. (Gunaxin)

Bad news for movie renters: Blockbuster is set to declare bankruptcy. (LA Times)

In slightly movie related news, how do gun silencers work? Not as well as the movies would have you believe. (io9)

Somebody at Newsweek used a bunch of mostly subjective data to decide the best country in the world. (Newsweek) Clearly, he should have just used the gold medal standings from the 2010 Olympics.

Gizmodo is doing a theme week about invention. One of my favourite features is their look at the greatest fictional inventors of all time. (Gizmodo)

Speaking of fiction and technology, here’s some psychologists examining Twitter. (PsyBlog)

Russians, vodka and airbags mix well… For us. The guy sitting on the airbag, not so much.

This has to be the greatest play in the history of high school football. Well, great if you’re on the defence anyway.

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