Entertainment Link-Off: Apple of the Eye

In theatres this weekend, you can catch the CGI-heavy sequel to Clash of the Titans or perhaps check out a visually flashy and colourful children’s flick Mirror Mirror starring Lily Collins. Yeah neither sound all that appealing.

After the jump, there are a lot of unnecessary sequels out there, the apple pie gets its revenge, Kate Winslet hates the Titanic theme song, Terra Nova is dead, Tenacious D returns and some superheroes got a Lego makeover.

Now the Step Up films were never that great with story, but the dance sequences are quite impressive. Sadly the signs of this franchise getting milked is becoming more and more evident because the awesome dances can’t seem to cover the incredibad story they got this time around. (Slashfilm)

After getting screwed in American Pie, it looks like that apple pie has finally got his revenge on Jason Biggs. (Funny or Die)

In other American Reunion news, the red band trailer is out! (Metacafe)

Well, you know Kate Winslet is tired of the whole Titanic thing when a song like “My Heart Will Go On” would make her want to throw up. (Entertainment Weekly)

The cast of Modern Family is facing contract renegotiations, so that means they’ll be raking in the money very soon all thanks to the show’s success so far. (Deadline)

Well, looks like Terra Nova is officially dead. I’m sad to hear the news, but it makes sense. It’s probably a smart decision by Netflix anyway. (TV Guide)

Not just your typical poster for The Avengers. It has been redone Lego style! (MTV)

This has got to be an April Fool’s joke leaked early… They’re planning to make a sequel to the Ah-nold/Danny DeVito comedy Twins. (The Hollywood Reporter)

C’mon FOX, don’t ruin it for us. Even Ridley Scott wants Prometheus to be rated R! (Empire)

A look at the 25 TV shows that should be cancelled. While the #1 choice is understandable, I still think there are worse shows out there more worthy of that status. (Complex)

Uh oh! We already know about Men In Black 3’s production troubles. Now there are more signs that the franchise is headed in the wrong direction. Remember those awesome theme songs from Will Smith? Well it ain’t happenin’ anymore. The MIB3 themesong is by Pitbull. The suckage has started already. (Coming Soon)

Everything looks better in Lego! Check out this awesome trailer for The Dark Knight Rises that has been recreated with Lego.

Big news! After a long wait, Ron Burgundy is back for the sequel to Anchorman (as announced on Conan’s late night show).

Tenacious D is making their comeback with this star-studded short film.

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