Sunday Link-Off: Fireworks

sasha-banks-gq16-04It’s a busy weekend in the world. Last night was UFC 202 (I had it as a 47-47 draw giving McGregor a Rounds 1 [10-8] and 4 while Diaz had the other three), NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2 and the final Tragically Hip concert. Tonight is the Apocalympic closing ceremony and Summerslam. There is definitely something for everyone to watch tonight… And Netflix. I really need to watch Stranger Things.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so we have to do the links. Since Summerslam is tonight, let’s kick things off with Sasha Banks.

Last night was goodbye for The Tragically Hip in what could only be considered a Canadian cultural moment the likes of which will never be matched. (The New Yorker)

And in case you don’t know any Hip songs, here is a list of ten of their best songs. (Rolling Stone)

Millennials aren’t that entitled. A new study says that millennials’ inflation-adjusted earnings are earning $4,200 less than people thirty years their senior. (Press Progress)

Paul Manafort resigned in the wake of the Ukraine/Russia scandal and there has been another Trump campaign shuffle as he continues to select the best people as he moves onto his third campaign manager. The original title of this WP story was that Trump just kept his team in his image. Maybe there’s something to the theory that Trump’s long game is to partner with ex-Fox News and Breitbart staff to form his own Republican news channel. Many smart people are saying that this is the long game. I don’t know. (Washington Post)

The state of Texas cut funding for family planning by two-thirds and saw pregnancy-related deaths double. People who want to ban abortion or make it difficult will really just kill people rather than save babies. (Slate)

Canada’s big three cell phone companies are now subject to a class action lawsuit over excess roaming fees. It might seem frivolous but a Quebec court is allowing it to go forward. (Financial Post)

Speaking of telecoms, Australia and New Zealand are paying 17 times what they do in Europe for internet because of the powerful telecom oligopoly. (Daily Mail)

The world is the hottest it’s ever been and it’s only getting hotter. This isn’t opinion. This is science. (Vice)

While NBC has seen a one-sixth drop in Olympic viewership from London 2012, the CBC has seen a one-sixth increase. Why is Canada doing so much better than the US? (Yahoo Sports)

With Summerslam tonight, GQ profiles the WWE’s four horsewomen. (GQ)

The Daily Show looked at how Trump supporters would fare taking Trump’s extreme vetting immigration test. Not surprisingly, it went as expected.


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