Wednesday Link-Off: Reign of Terror

margot-robbie-vanityfair16-07Both US political conventions are done and we’re moving onto the final three months of the campaign and the end can’t come soon enough. Granted, it seems like Trump is trying very hard keep things unintentionally entertaining unless you’re a staunch ABC (anybody but Clinton) voter. In that case, you have to be hope that independents are too busy laughing at you to vote at all.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Margot Robbie since Suicide Squad opens this week. Unfortunately, DC continues to struggle with movies. Perhaps they should stick to TV.

The Philippines is in a state of terror as the police embark on state sanctioned killing of drug suspects. (ABC News)

Why is Donald Trump going easy on Russia and Vladimir Putin? It could be because Trump’s businesses have financial ties to Russia while his advisors have business ties to Russia. (Time)

One of the great investors and business minds of any generation, Warren Buffet, explains how Trump once lost investors 90% over a period when everyone else made 150%. (CNN Money)

Republican running mate Mike Pence, who has a poor track record when it comes to women’s health, plans to have Roe v. Wade overturned if Trump is elected. In that case, women will be coming to Canada to get adequate health and child care. (New York Magazine)

The man with the best words says that the New York Times “don’t write good.” (Politico)

It’s a good thing that we changed governments up here in Canada. The last government had the economy in such a state that it was only growing because of the housing boom in Toronto and Vancouver. (Financial Post)

While President Obama is quite happy to meet athletes at the White House, he’s also introduced more science to the White House with its new science fair. (New York Times)

People in open-water events in Rio should avoid the water. Accidentally three teaspoons would effectively guarantee an athlete will come down with a virus. (The Independent)

Justin Roiland reads an actual court transcript from a court in Georgia as Rick and Morty. The language is extremely not safe for work.


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