Sunday Link-Off: Crime and Punishment

salma-hayek-red16-01You know, somehow, I forgot to have the weekly Game of Thrones review post on Friday. The change of month screwed up the post scheduling so expect a double dose of GoT this week. We’ll also have the start of E3 news at the tail-end of the week. Next Saturday will probably be a Saturday Link-Off rather than an ELO because Sunday will be E3 previews.

Anyway, since it’s Sunday, we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Salma Hayek.

A Secret Service agent from the Clinton White House is writing a tell-all book. That’s probably not good for the Clinton campaign. (Daily Mail)

By the way, Hilary hasn’t held a press conference in half-a-year. (Washington Free Beacon)

Make sense of this: A judge sentenced a Stanford student who raped an unconscious woman to six months in prison because a lengthy prison sentence would have a “severe impact” on him. (New York Magazine)

They call the border between Canada and America the world’s longest unsecured border. That would be a relative term. Just ask the BC woman who went through a terrible ordeal trying to enter America. (Kelowna Now)

There were some big stories coming out of UFC 199 as they run to their 200th show. However, most people are talking about Ariel Helwani getting banned from UFC events for life. (MMA Junkie)

As the WWE limps its way to live SmackDown with mid-card workhorses propping up the rest of the company, here’s a look at the life of Vincent Kennedy McMahon as told by Vincent Kennedy McMahon. (The Ringer)

It was a little late for Monaco/Indy/Charlotte racing day but here’s a look at potentially great racing cars that were killed before they could revolutionize motorsport. (Road & Track)

Audience polling data indicates that the premiere of new new Top Gear was the worst program on TV in Britain last weekend. (Daily Telegraph)


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