Wednesday Link-Off: No Fists, Just Flip-Flops

jessica-simpson-swimsuit16-04A lot of politicians have a reputation for flip-flopping but this has been exceptionally good week for people changing their mind. The problem is that people changing their mind don’t come off well in politics for whatever reason. Thinking is considered a weakness but that might have to do with general distrust of politicians so they assume they’re up to no good.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with Jessica Simpson. Remember her?

It took a while but former US Attorney General Eric Holder is finally glad that Edward Snowden revealed America’s surveillance state issues to the world. (CNN)

Hilary’s emails could really sink her campaign, especially with her tendency to lie about it. (PolitiFact)

Facebook is so powerful that Mark Zuckerberg has been likened to being a dictator. I’m not sure everyone would call him a benevolent dictator. (Fortune)

Elbowgate has come to an end now that the matter has been dropped by the opposition. The official story is because Prime Minister Trudeau apologized. I would hazard it would have to do with Elbowgate causing the Liberals to surge in the polls. (CBC News)

The battle of the century was set to happen between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. However, Trump backed out as quickly as he agreed to it. (The Hill)

A lot of conservatives are scared of legalized marijuana. However, if they saw the impact that marijuana tax revenue was having on the economy and the municipalities that tax is funding, they would be singing a different tune. (The Free Thought Project)

Apparently, if you complain, you can get a UN report changed. A report on climate change by UNESCO was changed to remove mentions of climate change’s impact on the Great Barrier Reef. (The Guardian)

Don’t look now but ESPN is hemorrhaging subscribers. (Fox Sports)

The wrestling match that everyone is talking about, Ricochet vs. Will Osprey, was put up for free by New Japan Pro Wrestling.


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