Sunday Link-Off: Breaking News

nina-dobrev-metgala16-02Apologies for not doing links earlier this week. I’ve been busy in IRL so I’ve been falling behind on blogging. If you think it’s bad over here, you should see how quiet et geekera has gotten. That being said, I do have a few game reviews coming over the next couple of weeks including a mobile review so business should be picking up.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for the links. Since we have a lot of Canadian stories in today’s links, let’s kick off with Nina Dobrev.

The big story in Canada right now is the Fort McMurray wildfire. Here’s a look inside the town right now. (MacLean’s)

Presumptive Presidential nominees Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump has record-breaking unfavourability ratings. (FiveThirtyEight)

Just to remind you, yes, some Americans are very serious about emigrating to Canada to avoid a Trump presidency. (Rolling Stone)

And to help people with their move to Canada, there’s a new matchmaking website to pair would-be American emigrants and Canadian citizens. Who doesn’t love love? (Maple Match)

Ahead of a meeting of the ruling Worker’s Party of Korea, movement and gatherings in Pyongyang has been greatly restricted. (The Independent)

Boaty McBoatface is now officially the RSS David Attenborough. Well, it was a good run. (New York Times)

The Star Wars Kid speaks out so you can feel bad about yourself. (MacLean’s)

Tim Horton’s: Celebrating 50 years of exploiting national identity for profit. (The Beaverton)

It’s official: The new Ghostbusters is the most hated trailer on YouTube. (Screen Crush)

Wondering why Batman v. Superman turned out that way? Old interviews about his views on superhero movies gives you a pretty good idea of what went wrong. (Comics Alliance)

Everything is a little different in Japan, especially wrestling.


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