Wednesday Link-Off: Make Donald Drumpf Again

sophie-turner-oscars16-03bIf you don’t watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, you probably don’t know why people keep talking about Donald Drumpf. Well, Oliver did a feature story on Trump’s candidacy (which we have in the post) which included research for a Trump biography that mentions his original family name was Drumpf. So will he be running as future President Trump or Drumpf?

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Sophie Turner who stole the show on the Oscars red carpet.

The Flint water crisis isn’t a new problem. Staff in Governor Snyder’s office were talking about bottled water programs twelve months ago. (Detroit Free Press)

Joe Scarborough is considered too Trump friendly for MSNBC. Yet he’s come out strongly against Trump for pretending to not know about the KKK and its leader. (Washington Post)

I’m writing this last night and assuming this won’t need a re-write: Donald Trump has pretty well wrapped up the Republican Presidential nomination. The Democrats aren’t the only ones concerned by this. Many Republicans are considering alternatives to voting red in November. (Bloomberg)

Here’s a frightening thought: What if 2017 brings the world President Donald Trump? How does that play out? (Daily Intelligencer)

Trump has been using raising money for veterans as a ploy to get into and out of events, including televised debates. The problem is that veterans groups aren’t getting that money. (National Review)

Marco Rubio went after Trump over the Trump University lawsuit. The problem with political attacks is that you have to be aware of the skeletons in your closet too. (Think Progress)

With Bernie Sanders basically done, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura may ride in to save the day. (The Daily Beast)

More talk about Basic Income Guarantee. I’m really warming up to the benefits of this idea. (Toronto Star)

A massive international study suggests that gun control works. Funny that. (Vox)

The New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski has a party cruise because of course he does. What happens on the Gronk Boat doesn’t always stay on the Gronk Boat. (SB Nation)

John Oliver has finally tackled the mystery that is Donald Drumpf’s Presidential candidacy. I assume that he will be the Republican nominee by the time that this is posted. It’s time to learn what little we can about DJT.

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