Sunday Link-Off: 50

elizabeth-banks-vanityfair16-01Spoiler alert: I don’t have any Super Bowl links in today’s post. I doubt that surprises anyone since all the talk about the Super Bowl has been Cam Newton’s pants and whether Peyton Manning will retire which is interesting because I thought he retired before the season the way he played early on. Also, I’m still bitter the Lions had another legend retire on them in his prime. That’s so Lions.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we’re here to do the links. Just for different, let’s kick off with Elizabeth Banks.

While work begins on the methane leak in southern California, it could be the least of the world’s problems when it comes to leaking methane. (FiveThirtyEight)

Jeb! 2016 is crashing its way into New Hampshire. It’s not pretty. (Vanity Fair)

Bell recently ran its corporate-branded mental health awareness day. Branded philanthropy is new ad blitz, I guess. The problem is that they’re missing the mark on mental health. (Rabble)

Jim Balsillie doesn’t think the TPP is good for innovators. I wonder if he thinks it could have saved BlackBerry. (CBC Radio)

A class-action lawsuit says that Cold-FX does nothing to fight colds. Anecdotal evidence told me that ages ago. (National Post)

Legalized marijuana was always going to hurt the underground drug trade. Apparently, the impact is bigger than most expected with even the cartels feeling the pinch from Colorado legalizing pot. (Latin Post)

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I absolutely love Lucha Underground. It just get wrestling and TV right. Here’s a look inside Lucha Underground and its hallowed Temple. Warning: Slight spoilers for season two. (LA Times)

CM Punk did an interview months ahead of his expected UFC debut. It didn’t go well. (Complex)

The WWE is a big proponent of anti-bullying campaigns. So why doesn’t that anti-bullying mentality actually exist inside the company? (Cageside Seats)

Time for some Botchamania.

Or if that’s not your speed, there’s always Maffew’s NoWayOutAMania.

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