Entertainment Link-Off: Superstars

teresa-palmer-thechoice16-01A couple hours late but never a couple dollars short (because we know that we aren’t getting much from the ads on the screen), it’s time once again for the entertainment and pop culture links in the Entertainment Link-Off. I’ve drawn in again but Jackie is supposed to make his grand return next week. And everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Anyway, it’s a busy weekend if you’re looking for something to watch. Hail, Caesar, The Choice and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies are all in theatres starting this weekend. So your options are two comedies and a romance movie. Or you could watch that Super Bowl thing. Can a fifty-year-old man’s experience lead his team to victory over a quarterback half his age? And those Coldplay guys are playing too. Meh.

So it’s Saturday which means we better get to the links. To kick things off, from The Choice, here’s Teresa Palmer.

The experts suggested that it could cross the mythical $2 billion mark. In less than two months, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has joined only two other movies to gross that much at the box office. (Walt Disney Company)

Hulu might be a small fish in Netflix’s massive ocean but it might turn to the size of plankton if the latest rumours are true. Time Warner is interested in buying into Hulu. That sounds great except that they are rumoured to want to use their influence to stop Hulu’s next-day streaming. You have one competitive advantage and you want to get rid of it. That’s good business. (Polygon)

And on that note, Netflix will be streaming Better Call Saul on the day after airing outside the US. When streaming companies go to war, we’ll win (as long as the result isn’t a monopoly in the end). (Vanity Fair)

The 50th Super Bowl is tomorrow. Have you seen the whole of the first one? Probably not. Only one tape of the original Super Bowl still exists and the NFL doesn’t want that tape seeing the light of day. (New York Times)

In other football news that is ELO-worthy, CBS and NBC each bought five Thursday night NFL games with each broadcaster paying $225 million for their respective packages. An analyst thinks they’ll lose over $20 million per game. I wonder how much increases in their rate cards across the board from better ratings will offset that. (Business Insider)

Let the arguments begin. It’s the 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy. (Vulture)

Twitch sensation Bob Ross created an estimated 30,000 paintings in his life. What happened to them? (Mental Floss)

Someone has dug up this chiptune cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it’s freakishly good.


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