Sunday Link-Off: Welcome to the New Year, Same as the Old Year

jenna-coleman-interview15-06I was so busy working on the next episode of The Lowdown podcast that I nearly forgot to do the links. My target is getting the podcast up on Tuesday but I have nearly three hours of audio to comb through in putting this together so I think I’ll be cutting it close. It’ll come out this week for sure, though. The one thing I can tell from early edits is Jackie is louder than me so I’m going to have to turn up my mic for future podcasts.

Anyway, it’s the last Sunday of my Christmas break so I suppose that we should do some links. Since there was a Doctor Who Christmas special over the last couple of weeks, let’s kick things off with Jenna Coleman (who was not in said Christmas special nor even mentioned).

Nearly 1,000 Americans were fatally shot by police last year. One in ten were unarmed. (Washington Post)

Fact checkers are very busy with the current crop of political candidates but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. (Politico)

You’ve heard the tale of Donald Trump but do you know about the tragic tale of Donald’s oldest brother, Freddy, who was largely cut out of the family? (New York Times)

There’s a methane leak in Southern California that’s been going on since October, forced the evacuation of thousands of families and no one has talked about it. This could also be one of the biggest environmental disasters in American history. (Wall Street Hedge)

In other news you might have missed, Bill Cosby has finally been charged as a result of numerous sexual assault allegations. (New York Times)

Will politicians in California look like an offshoot of NASCAR? A new ballot initiative wants politicians to wear the logos of their 10 biggest donors when advocating for policies. (Washington Times)

I haven’t been keeping up with that Affluenza kid running from the cops by going to Mexico but if you need a primer, this was the best I’m willing to search out. (Reuters)

Did you know that last year was the 20th anniversary of Pinky and the Brain? Here’s a look back at one of animation’s underrated legends. (Uproxx)

Here’s a sports Top 10 from 2015. It’s a look at the ten dumbest sports stories of 2015. (Sports on Earth)

For something a little different, here’s a look at everything good on Monday Night Raw in one video. Conveniently, it fits in a 15-minute video. Try doing that with an Attitude Era Raw.


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