Entertainment Link-Off: Out with the Old…

emily bett rickards belloHappy 2016! The new year is here! Plenty of things to look forward to this year include a whole bunch of film sequels on its way! Let’s kick off the first ELO of the year with Emily Bett Rickards! I am definitely excited for the return of Arrow later this month!

After the jump, a soft reboot for Prometheus, George Lucas does not have kind words for Disney, find out how much it costs to save Matt Damon at the movies, and Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever!

Well this explains why Alien: Covenant will kick off a new trilogy. Turns out it will be set 10 years into the future of Prometheus, allowing the writers to give it a quasi-reboot along the way. (Slashfilm)

Due to his lack of involvement in the new Star Wars flick, it’s no surprise that George Lucas didn’t like The Force Awakens all that much. It got him so riled up that he now has to backtrack on his statements. (Variety)

The official screenplay for The Force Awakens is floating around the interwebs and it is providing better insight into the film. Alright fanboys, interpret away! (Slashfilm)

Have a look at the cameos you may have missed in The Force Awakens. Spoilers beware! (Collider)

First look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange! (Entertainment Weekly)

Leonardo DiCaprio has developed quite the movie career without doing any superhero tentpole blockbuster. While he has never been tempted to do so in the past, would he be more willing to dip into the Marvel or DC cinematic universe? (The Short List)

Ever wonder how much fictional dollars were spent to save Matt Damon at the movies? (Quora)

With Bran Stark back in the fold in Game of Thrones, expect season 6 to travel through time and reveal tidbits from the past and future on the show. (Entertainment Weekly)

A look at the top 10 pirated movies of 2015 and surprisingly the number 1 film on the list is actually at 2014 release. (Variety)

Production dramas behind the scenes have caused Dimension to lose the rights to Halloween. Now that it’s up for grabs again, can you say reboot at another studio? (Bloody Disgusting)

Disney has had a good string of animated features lately and Zootopia looks like it could be another hit. Have a look at the hilarious trailer where the animal world looks a lot like our world.

Honest Trailers is usually good for roasting terrible movies but at the same time, it can be used on a positive note too. Allow the folks at Screen Junkies to tackle the greatest Christmas movie ever made!


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