Sunday Link-Off: The Great Debate

karen-gillan-afifest15-01Sometimes, it’s best not to overdo things because it doesn’t mean as much any more. For example, take the Republican primaries. They have debates so often that they’re about as newsworthy as a cat up a tree. Then you have the Democrats who just had their second or third debate. If the GOP’s debates weren’t car crash TV, I doubt anyone would care at this point.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s change things up and kick things off with Karen Gillan.

Before anyone starts talking about terrorist attacks, you should note that sometimes intelligence works. For example, the CIA knew for months about a major attack coming on American soil. The reports were ignored and 9/11 happened. That was before everyone’s privacy was forfeit so we could be secure. (Politico)

Good news! The TPP is about as bad as everyone expected! (Daily Dot)

When economic plans are mostly based on half-truths and gorilla dust, you know that you’re in trouble. (Salon)

Don’t want Trump or Carson to run for President? Neither do the GOP and they’re starting to worry. (Washington Post)

So why exactly are Trump and Carson the current frontrunners? There are eight comical explanations why. (The Fix)

Meanwhile, Trump is laying into Carson by comparing him to a child molester and effectively calling his supporters stupid. (Politico)

Last night was a Democratic debate. Bernie Sanders questioned the fact that Hilary Clinton receives a lot of money from Wall Street. She justified it by invoking 9/11 and women. I’m not kidding. (Slate)

Jackie had a lot of Colbert clips yesterday but he didn’t have the biggest piece of Colbert news in the ELO. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will get the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot on CBS in 2016. Either that speaks of how highly CBS bosses think of their new late night host or how little they think of the rest of their lineup that is geared to the 49 to blue hair demographic. (LA Times)

The WWE Network is still not as profitable as the Fed had hoped but they’re already thinking about next steps. That next step is a VR WWE experience. (Fortune)

Porn has killed Playboy…’s old creative and business model. That’s why it’s gone SFW online and going SFW in print come March. (CNN Money)

Did Jackie not have any music in the ELO yesterday? Well, I’ll make up for it with the latest from Viva La Dirt League for the launch of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.


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