The Best of OSW Review

As we are wont to do in these parts, today, we’re taking a look at another website in our Best of the Interweb series. This time, it’s a look at the labour of love of three Irishmen called OSW Review. OSW is the Old School Wrestling Review in which three friends (Jay, V1 and Mr. OOC [and, at the beginning, Neo]) look back at classic pay-per-views with their own unique spin mixing in behind the scenes stories, little known anecdotes and their trademark humour. If you started listening to a wrestling podcast in the last four years, chances are that OSW inspired it.

Today, we take a look at the best OSW Review episodes of the Hulkamania era.

OSW Review #13 – WrestleMania V


OSW Review #19 – SummerSlam 1990


OSW Review #25 – This Tuesday in Texas


OSW Review #27 – Royal Rumble 1992


OSW Review #30 – WrestleMania IX



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