Sunday Link-Off: Power and Politics (of Money)

milana-vayntrub-tvland15-01You know, I’m not too up for a lengthy intro today. It’s been a long week but I’m working on a few things in my offline life (not directly related to the ol’ 9-to-5) so I could either free up a whole lot of time for blogging and other extracurricular pursuits or magically lose it all. That doesn’t sound too mutually exclusive, does it?

Anyway, it’s Sunday so that means we’re going to do the links. Let’s kick this show off with Milana Vayntrub who you might know from various TV series but most certainly know as the AT&T girl.

“Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals Calculated Pursuit of Young Women, Using Fame, Drugs and Deceit” (New York Times)

Coca-Cola might be one of the biggest (or, at least, most prominent) sponsors of FIFA and the World Cup. That isn’t stopping them from looking for FIFA to do more to clean up. (BBC Sport)

A former top intelligence official says that America’s current use of drones is doing more to create more terrorists than stop them. (The Intercept)

Some people will probably have you believe a probe mission to Pluto is a waste of funds. However, it’s a positive bargain compared to a number of other big projects. (Newser)

Planned Parenthood is under attack for a deceptively edited video that claims they’re selling baby parts on the black market when they’re donating organs from aborted fetuses for medical research. The Right won’t let you get confused by the facts, though. (Salon)

For all of the justified criticisms of Hilary Clinton being too close to a Republican for many Democrats, at least her stance on Wall Street is very left-ist. For years, she’s called for additional regulations on Wall Street. (PolitiFact)

Politics can be a bit of a plutocracy. Big money could end up being what affects Bernie Sanders’ Presidential chances more than anything. (Salon)

The nuclear deal with Iran is nearly unprecedented in international relations given Iran’s bad relations with the West. So, naturally, the GOP hated the deal. They didn’t have to see the deal to hate it. (Washington Post)

Former Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has been revealing the inner workings of Reddit on the site itself. He says that the Reddit board has been trying to kill hate speech on the site and Ellen Pao had been stopping it. Wait. The board should be commended for that. (Gawker)

While the death of Speed Channel was a bad thing for Canadian race fans who are having to resort to less kosher online streams, Speed’s demise opened up racing to every sports channel on US cable. (Racer)

So Amy Schumer’s Star Wars themed GQ shoot didn’t go over well with LucasFilm. Can’t imagine why. (io9)

Yesterday, ELO was called “Size Matters.” Let’s ask Scott Steiner what he thinks.


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