Entertainment Link-Off: Size Matters

evangeline lillyThe pint sized hero Ant-Man is finally in cinemas this weekend. Despite Edgar Wright’s departure, the final product is still quite enjoyable and there are certain parts of the movie that still carry the style of the director who departed from the movie during pre-production. Anyway, let’s kick off the ELO with the movie’s leading lady Evangeline Lilly.

After the jump, some news on X-Men Apocalypse, revealing the end credits scenes to Ant-Man, thank goodness The Amazing Spider-Man 3 didn’t happen, take a look at a Jedi using a GoPro and enjoy Comic-Con: The Musical.

You may have seen the leaked Comic-Con trailer for X-Men Apocalypse, but you’ll some decent resolution pictures giving you a better look at some of the cast in the film. (Entertainment Weekly 1) (Entertainment Weekly 2)

Speaking of X-Men Apocalypse, the producer shares his thoughts on the leaked trailer and the idea of ‘planned marketing’. (Collider)

Explaining the end credits to Ant-Man. Spoilers beware. (Slashfilm)

Stephen Amell reveals that he will bring a different Casey Jones to the tablet for the Ninja Turtles sequel. Hopefully this will turn out well, but given how the first TMNT went, don’t hold your breath though. (IGN)

Perhaps it’s a good thing they didn’t go forward with The Amazing Spider-Man 3. It would have likely ended up going from bad to ridiculous territory. (IGN)

JK Rowling settles the debate on the tuition cost at Hogwarts. (Mashable)

Amanda Seyfried might be a recognizable leading actress but she has revealed in one of her films, she was only paid a tenth of her famous male co-star. (The Sunday Times)

Cameron Crowe has already apologized for whitewashing in his latest film Aloha, and finally Emma Stone shares her thoughts on the situation. (News.com.au)

The final Fantastic Four trailer focuses more on the relationships between the characters.

I suppose the Comic-Con leak forced the studio’s hand a bit, so now the first look at Suicide Squad has hit the interwebs in good quality too!

Sam Raimi shares his thoughts on the new Spider-Man reboot.

A video essay on what makes a good movie sequel. In summary, as long as they don’t rehash everything in the original flick, it will likely be good.

Ever wonder what it would look like if a Jedi took a GoPro for a spin? We’ll wonder no more.

Watch the evolution of Game of Thrones special effects. I suppose a bigger budget on an annual basis helps too.

Ah yes. Nothing celebrates Comic-Con like a musical. Check out all the awesomeness below.


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