Wednesday Link-Off: Inside Story

The story behind the story is one of those little themes I like to bring up when doing the links time and time again. I’m sure some find it a little played out but I wouldn’t keep going back to that theme for the links if I didn’t find it interesting. The reason I got into the news almost ten years ago was because I love news and I love knowledge. You could say that it’s my jam.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Emmanuelle Chriqui.

As the TPP gets closer to becoming law, the US is faced with another new trade deal that will help the small minority of Americans. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Applying the term “socialist” to a politician used to spell the beginning of the end to their highest aspirations. People see beyond that term that Bernie Sanders has applied to himself. How does that work? (The Guardian)

A North Korean defector is coming to the west with 15 gigabytes of data about biological and chemical weapon tests being performed on humans. There’s a small difference between maybe having those weapons and using them against your own people. (The Age)

Is Hollywood complicit with helping the US Armed Forces clean up its image by using the big screen? (Al Jazeera)

New academic guidelines in Texas will largely gloss over racial segregation and slavery in American history. (Washington Post)

While The Thick Of It might be a funny look at how governments handle the press, if you want an accurate portrayal of press relations, Hilary Clinton’s emails with her team as Secretary of State gives us an idea. (Mother Jones)

I wonder how Donald Trump is handling the press now that he’s had another scandal about Mexican immigrants thanks to a retweet aimed at Jeb Bush. (The Wrap)

The Apple Watch has been out three months. It’s sales have fallen below expectation with daily sales low 90% lower than launch. It was always going to fall but this might cause panic mode. (MarketWatch)

OC Remix is doing a tribute album for my one of my top five favourite Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy IX. It’s on the list along with VIII, X, X-2 and probably VII. I never did get too far into XII or at all into VI. Anyway, here’s the trailer.

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