Entertainment Link-Off: Extraordinarily Ordinary

rose byrneIn cinemas this weekend you can catch Melissa McCarthy in the hilarious film Spy. In addition to the positive message of how an ordinary somebody can become a super spy, the film is also violent, crude and funny. Rose Byrne also does a brilliant turn in her villainous role.

After the jump, Ron Perlman needs your help, how many writers will it take to save Transformers, Cameron Crowe apologizes for whitewashing cinema, goodbye Degrassi, kids react to the original Transformers animated series and check out Wong Fu’s new feature film!

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow responds to Joss Whedon’s criticism of the clip released by Universal last month and he… well… he doesn’t entirely disagree with the Avengers’ director. (Slashfilm)

Help Ron Perlman make Hellboy 3 a reality! (Facebook)

They are recruiting A LOT of writers to work out the Transformers cinematic universe but after four disastrous films, could they really fix it? (Joblo)

Here’s some food for thought. Is Twitter really causing the end of film criticism? (The Playlist)

Surprise surprise. Samuel L. Jackson is not going to be in Captain America: Civil War. That being said, he is currently trying to extend his stay within the Marvel cinematic universe. (Collider)

Cameron Crowe’s latest flick was not only a trainwreck, it also garnered a lot of criticism on the casting of Emma Stone in a supposedly half-Asian role. So the director has come out and apologized for his casting choice. (The Uncool)

An animated series based on the flick Tangled is coming to a screen near you in 2017. They even recruited the original stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi to voice the lead characters in the show! (Variety)

Rather than a movie, could there be rumblings for a season 7 of Community? (Yahoo)

Rejoice! More Arrested Development coming to you in 2016! (The Wrap)

Well this would be interesting if they can make it happen. Marvel is eyeing Jason Statham to take on the villainous role of Bullseye for the upcoming season of Daredevil. (Bloody Disgusting)

FOX is really desperate for another hit show. First they revived X-Files and now they’re doing a limited series return for Prison Break. (TV Line)

The documentary made a splash at Sundance and it is now available on Netflix. Have a look at Hot Girls Wanted, which looks at the disturbing side of the growing trend of amateur porn. (Cinema Blend)

After another long run, could Degrassi be finally dead? (The TV Addict)

The star-studded trailer for Everest looks visually stunning. If Jake Gyllenhaal is the lowest billed actor on the list, then it really says something about how good this could be!

The latest Game of Thrones episode was one of the best yet. Not only were fans treated to the highly anticipated interaction between Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen, there was also a look into the massacre at Hardhome (which was not featured in the books). Here’s a nice featurette looking at how that epic battle was made.

Here’s the trailer for the mockumentary where Jon Snow takes on Detective Peralta in the longest tennis game in history… that no one has ever seen.

Gotta love the “react” videos from The Fine Brothers as they invite people ranging from kids to the elderly to watch random clips and gauge their reactions. In the latest episode, kids react to the good ol’ Transformers animated series. Best part, they were all so shocked that Transformers actually existed before 2007.

Honest Trailers tackles Entourage, which is essentially the male equivalent of Sex in the City.

Wong Fu Productions’ new movie Everything Before Us is out and you can purchase a digital copy or rent it! If you’re wary about spending, have a look at the trailer first and then go check out the movie!

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