Sunday Link-Off: The Political Domain

chrissy-teigen-bbma15-02bToday’s set of links has a lot of links about politics and the economy. Considering how many important things are happening in the world, it amazes me how few people seem to care about the stuff that truly matters. Maybe it’s just the people I spend my time with day-to-day but they’ll gladly talk about sports or reality TV but things like current events? Forget about it. And you wonder why people worry about younger generations.

Alright, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Chrissy Teigen.

Five big banks have been hit with nearly $6 billion in fines for rigging currency markets. It’s kind of a big deal. (The Real News)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was supposed to be a slam dunk trade deal. Now that the public is catching wind of what it’s really about, there’s push back that is threatening the agreement. (Al Jazeera America)

Al Jazeera America was built to be a newsman’s dream. Think of it as The Newsroom of newsrooms. However, somewhere along the way, the culture has taken a tumble and AJAM is falling apart. (Jezebel)

When it comes to war, Jeb Bush subscribes to the 1% doctrine. That is if there’s a 1% chance of a terrorist were to get a weapon of mass destruction, action must be taken. His philosophy appears to be the exact inverse for climate change. The 97% of studies suggesting humanity is contributing to climate change isn’t nearly enough. (The New Republic)

Amid reports of Josh Duggar molesting underage girls, TLC pulled 19 Kids and Counting. The Republican Party might be worried. He had a lot of ties with the GOP establishment, including Presidential candidates. (Washington Post)

If Bernie Sanders was elected in 2016 and became a two-term President, he’d be over 80 by the time he left the White House. That hasn’t stopped him from being a popular candidate with today’s youth. (Daily Dot)

Have you given money to the Fund of America, the Breast Cancer Society, the Children’s Cancer Fund of America or Cancer Support Services? If you have, your money isn’t going where you want it to. (CNN)

I forgot that Hulk Hogan was suing over Gawker publishing details of the Hulk Hogan sex tape. Well, Gawker is suing the FBI for illegally obstructing a Freedom of Information Act request related to their former investigation into the sex tape. (Tampa Bay Online)

I’m assuming Jackie ran this story yesterday but here’s a look at the history of Industrial Light and Magic. You may not know the name but you certainly know their legendary movie special effects work. (Wired)

There’s an art to throwing shade? I thought you either had it or you didn’t. (NYT Magazine)

You may not have heard of The Mountain Goats but they did a wrestling-themed album that features The Legend of Chavo Guerrero as the lead single.

For the last episode of the Late Show, Dave got the Foo Fighters on as the last musical act. We didn’t get to see much of their performance because the song was used as the background for a highlight reel of Dave’s career.

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