Sunday Link-Off: Bodyslam

charlie-xcx-maxim15-06I hope that you’ve been paying attention to the calendar because the deadline for filing taxes in Canada is on Thursday. I still have to file mine. They’re done. I just have to actually file them. Hopefully you’re not leaving the actual preparation of your taxes to the last second. That’s the hard part of doing your taxes.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for the links. To keep you on your toes, let’s kick things off with Charlie XCX. I don’t know who she is but she looks like what an acquaintance of mine would look like as a brunette.

Is/was the Harper government closely tied with oil giants? Redacted entries from Mike Duffy’s diary seem to indicate such. (National Observer)

The Republican Party’s Presidential nomination race might be a battle for the future identity of the party. There’s a massive difference between the ideals of the GOP establishment and the GOP’s youth. (Rolling Stone)

Ben Affleck has courted controversy by trying to cover up that one of his ancestors owned slaves. That almost begs the question of who wouldn’t. (Boston Globe)

What might be the biggest victim of kids being on their phones at all times? It might not be attention spans or eye sight but eye contact. (New York Times)

Don’t look now but competitive vaping is a thing. (Wall Street Journal)

In news that only interests me, Harvard makes $200 million a year from selling cases to business schools. They practice what they preach then. (Bloomberg)

Daniel Carcillo opens up about the death of his friend Steve Montador. (The Players’ Tribune)

The march towards putting an NHL team in Las Vegas rolls on. Unfortunately, the state of current of sports attendance of local franchises in Vegas makes the prospects on an NHL team less than stellar. (FiveThirtyEight)

You’ve probably never watched, let alone heard, of Lucha Underground but it might be the best wrestling show on TV right now. (LA Times)

The WWE is going through their whole #GiveDivasAChance phase right now because of how well female wrestlers are portrayed in NXT (the WWE’s own developmental circuit) and Lucha Underground. The WWE hasn’t learned from their superiors, though. (Kevin Eck Wrestling)

A potential future problem the Fed has right now is that they don’t have much of a main event scene. They just aren’t developing new headline draws. The midcard, on the other hand, might be in the best shape since the Hulkamania Era. (The Masked Man)

Here’s a fun story. A copy of the original Breakfast Club script turned up at the high school where it was filmed. (Chicago Tribune)

Speaking of Lucha Underground, here’s this week’s main event.

The UFC’s Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan react to the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer.


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