Entertainment Link-Off: Forever Young

scarlett-johansson-avengerspremiere-londonIt’s a big weekend as Avengers Age of Ultron is in cinemas and it poses to become the biggest movie of 2015! While alternative programming will lead you to seeing Blake Lively in her latest Age of Adeline, it is still more fun to see Scarlett Johansson kick ass in the Marvel epic. 

After the jump, all TV superheroes are pretty much the same, Joss Whedon liked Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man script a lot, Dennis Quaid’s meltdown viral video was fake, more Daredevil on the way and Seinfeld fans would love to have Kat Denning’s phone right now.

Based on this infographic, it looks like all superheroes on TV are basically the same. (The Daily Dot)

Well that didn’t stay in neutral very long. Expect more Fast and Furious in 2017. (Collider)

A nice take on how neat the film Unfriended tackles the topic of cyberbullying. (Slashfilm)

In a recent interview, Joss Whedon reveals that he though Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man treatment was one of the best Marvel scripts ever. Too bad we all won’t get to see it come to fruition. (Buzzfeed)

Looks like the folks at Marvel are not on the same page in terms of its feature films and television shows. (Forbes)

Not sure the ratings for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would warrant a spin-off but hey it’s coming anyway! (TV Guide)

Turns out Jimmy Kimmel was not responsible for Dennis Quaid’s on-set meltdown that was leaked earlier this week. In fact, it was all a Funny or Die video. (Funny or Die)

Emilia Clarke’s body double on Game of Thrones would seriously get you to have a double-take before realizing she’s actually a different person. (Mashable)

Like it or not, the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel is happening and looks like they’re providing a bit of a tease for the upcoming Blu Ray release. (Zap2it)

Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Warcraft and Pacific Rim 2. (Collider)

While it is nice to see a revival of Full House, it appears that not all cast members were in on the project. There is hope though, they are currently in negotiations. (TV Line)

He’s McDreamy no more. More on that shocking exit from the latest Grey’s Anatomy… for those who still care and watch the show anyway. (Entertainment Weekly)

Good news, Daredevil will be back on Netflix for season 2 in 2016! However, there will be new showrunners behind the scene for the next batch of episodes. (TV Line)

Add the Native Americans to the long list of people that already find Adam Sandler’s brand of comedy not funny. (Mashable)

The latest Tomorrowland trailer brings in A LOT of action.

Seinfeld fans would love to have Kat Denning’s personalized voice message right now.


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