Entertainment Link-Off: Diverging Paths

nathalie emmanuelIt’s Easter weekend! While some will partake in religious activities, others will simply overindulge in the abundance of chocolate available. Alternatively, you can head out to the theatres to check out Furious 7. Yes, it’s the seventh installment of the franchise and surprisingly it hasn’t gone dull at all. The action is over-the-top but it is entertaining. Also, without spoiling anything, I have to say it is a very fitting and respectful way to send off the late Paul Walker. Anyway, let’s kick off the latest Entertainment Link-Off with a newbie to the Fast/Furious franchise, Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel.

After the jump, a tease of the new Wong Fu Productions movie, the Arrow becomes Casey Jones, Helen Mirren can drive fast cars, listen to the cast of The Flash sing the Firefly theme song, and Deadpool is definitely rated R. 

Teaser trailer for Wong Fu Productions’ latest feature film Everything Before Us. (Facebook)

Machete fans rejoice! A third film is happening (as previously teased at the end of the second flick) and it will start production later this year! (Halloween Daily News)

Arrow fans, you now got a reason to see Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles 2 because they just got Stephen Amell as Casey Jones! (Variety)

Helen Mirren makes a strong case for herself as to why she should be cast in a Fast and Furious movie. (Yahoo)

Rumoured title for Tron 3 is revealed to be Tron: Ascension. I wonder what it could be referring to… (Rope of Silicon)

How much more of X-Men: Days of Future Past would you see in the Rogue cut? Apparently it is about 17 minutes of footage! It’s quite a bit! (Collider)

More reasons to subscribe to Netflix. It looks like they’re in the process of getting a Full House reunion series. (TV Line)

Once Trevor Noah was announced to be the next host of The Daily Show, the media decided to dig up his old tweets from Twitter to find some dirt on him. They eventually found some offensive jokes, which prompted a social media backlash. All this kerfuffle hasn’t shifted the Comedy Network’s position and Trevor Noah himself has clarified his position on these ‘offensive’ tweets. (Deadline)

First look to the cast of Heroes: Reborn courtesy of Zachary Levi. (TV Line)

A nice behind-the-scenes look into the latest season of Game of Thrones during a set visit over the course of 10 days. (Entertainment Weekly)

Discussing the latest twist from The Flash and how it pulled in a certain Star Wars reference. (THR)

Watch the cast of The Flash sing the theme song to Firefly. This totally warms my heart. (The Verge)

A look at the best jokes from the Justin Bieber roast. (The Daily Dot)

The international trailer for Fantastic Four gives us a few more glimpses into our superpowered characters while maintaining that whole Interstellar vibe.

In a hilarious video released on April Fool’s Day, Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool confirmed that the film will be rated R.

More stunning images from the latest Mad Max: Fury Road trailer.

In somewhat spoilery news, Vin Diesel reveals what would have happened in Fast and Furious 8… well maybe it still will happen…

In the latest Honest Trailers, Christopher Nolan pulls a M. Night Shyamalan.

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