2015 Hottest Canadian: Arctic & Maritime Regions – Sweet Sixteen

It’s the first day of the second round of the 2015 Hottest Canadian showdown. The original field of 32 has been cut in half to 16. The first half of our Sweet Sixteen shows that the 5/12 upset isn’t the only one you’ll see in a bracket. Both the Arctic and Maritimes regions had three of four high seeds go through. The ones that didn’t go through were the two #3 seeds which both fell victim to the #6 seeds. Will we see more upsets in the Round of 16?

Voting runs through Thursday night. On Friday, we kick-off the Elite Eight with the finals of each region.

Arctic Region: #1 Danielle Knudson vs. #4 Cobie Smulders


Arctic Region: #2 Kate Bock vs. #6 Jessica Pare


Maritime Region: #1 Kristin Kreuk vs. #4 Stana Katic


Maritime Region: #2 Rachel McAdams vs. #6 Trish Stratus


First-round polls still open on Monday:
Shield Region
Prairies Region

For more of The Lowdown’s Hottest Canadian bracket, check out the Hottest Canadian tag.


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