2015 Hottest Canadian: Prairies Region – First Round

We’ve reached the final day of the first round of the 2015 Hottest Canadian bracket showdown. The final region is filled with rookies as four of the eight women in this bracket make their first appearance. It’s probably worth noting as well that the Prairies and Shield regions will close the polls on Monday. The Arctic and Maritime regions close a day earlier on Sunday. The day after those polls close, we’ll start the Sweet Sixteen round.

#1 Nina Dobrev vs. #8 Tatiana Maslany


#2 Elisha Cuthbert vs. #7 Lindy Booth


#3 Laura Vandervoort vs. #6 Hannah Simone


#4 Anais Pouliot vs. #5 Emily VanCamp


Other first-round polls:
Arctic Region
Maritime Region
Shield Region


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