Entertainment Link-Off: Space and Time

kate mara womens fitnessI can’t believe it’s already February! Anyway, it’s a decent weekend at the movies with two critically panned sci-fi flicks that might still be worth checking out. There’s the found footage time travel pic Project Almanac and also the Wachowski’s latest effort Jupiter Ascending. If you’re not into these flicks however, you might want to catch up on the premiere episodes of Fresh Off the Boat. Great new comedy on ABC right now. Kicking off this ELO is Kate Mara. She is looking mighty fit. Definitely looking forward to the release of Fantastic Four this summer.

After the jump, Ryan Reynolds wants to thank the fans for getting the Deadpool project going, Birdman’s original ending took a potshot at a major film franchise, some Chris Pratt/Chris Evans Super Bowl related stuff, Jimmy Fallon revives Saved by the Bell and there is a new meaning to the term ‘sex toy’ all thanks to Lego.

For years Deadpool was in development hell and all of a sudden, the movie was given the green light! Why is that? Ryan Reynolds explains. (Yahoo)

So turns out Birdman had a totally different original ending that kinda took a shot at another big blockbuster franchise. Why didn’t it happen? They couldn’t get the actor involved and they couldn’t land the movie poster. (The Film Stage)

Neighbors was fine as a standalone comedy film and now the whole gang is back for a sequel. Just read the brief plot description and I suppose you can see how a followup can happen. (Movies.com)

Chris Pratt may have lost the Super Bowl bet but at least he made good on his end of the deal by visiting children’s charity Christopher’s Haven in his full Star Lord costume. (Collider)

Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn has a radical idea for the sequel. Marvel thought his plans were risky but decided to go along with it. (Film Drunk)

So how much sex should you expect from the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey? (Slashfilm)

Gotta love those little yellow creatures. New trailer for Minions is out! (Apple)

According to FOX News, men got it tough since there aren’t enough male heroes all thanks to Disney’s Frozen. Yup, there are actually people in the world that think so. (FOX News)

An illustrated guide as to who dies on The Walking Dead… so far… (Daily Dot)

The CW has revealed Brandon Routh in full costume as The Atom. What are your thoughts on his super suit that is to be revealed in the coming episodes? (The TV Addict)

Gotham has cast a former NBC Hero to join the show as a villain on an upcoming episode. (THR)

The new trailer for Furious 7 has plenty more of the ridiculous high speed action that the franchise has cashed on since the first flick.


The trailer for Netflix’ series Daredevil certainly looks a lot darker (and better) than the feature film from eons ago starring Ben Affleck.

I absolutely loved the first season of Silicon Valley. Based on this fun little teaser for season 2, this shit is about to get real.

Check out Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious Saved by the Bell reunion skit.

Onto another Jimmy Fallon related video, he teamed up with Chris Pratt and Chris Evans on an epic photobombing session.

There is a new meaning to sex toy after you see the Lego version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

For those that haven been following. Here’s the fifth installment of David Choi’s hilarious webseries David.

This should have made the music recommendation post a couple weeks ago but somehow I forgot to include it in the ELO, so here it is today. Check out Daniela Andrade’s awesome mashup of Childish Gambino’s Telegraph Ave and Sober.

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