Sunday Link-Off: Looking Forward and Back

emily-ratajkowski-yamamay14-03For the second week in a row, I’m actually not scrambling together the links at the last-minute. No complaints here because that gives me a little time to do some gaming. I’m thinking about spending some time with The Wolf Among Us, Titanfall and Infinite Crisis. Who wants reviews of all three? No, you don’t get a choice. I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeve that you might be interested in too but I won’t spoil those.

Anyway, you’re not here to hear about what games I’m planning to play to keep me sane before my IRL job’s Christmas party yesterday. You’re here for the links. Let’s kick this one off with Emily Ratajkowski.

There’s an election coming up in Canada next year. What economic indicators should you be looking as we head to the polls? (MacLean’s)

Speaking of that election, our electoral system and the regional vs. national popularities of the three parties is going to make it easier for the Conservatives to re-form a government. It could hypothetically happen even if the Liberals win the popular vote. (ThreeHundredEight)

Model Beverly Johnson adds her name to the list of people accusing Bill Cosby of rape with this terrifyingly detailed account. (Vanity Fair)

Watch yourself the next time you’re arrested in Canada. The Supreme Court is allowing warrant-less cell phone searches by the police. (CBC News)

ESPN got a hold of the testimony from the Ray Rice appeal and it doesn’t look good to be Roger Goodell right about now. (Outside the Lines)

Roger Goodell is using the Wall Street Journal to help clean up the NFL’s PR problems. Good sports writers won’t let him get away with that. (GQ)

The life of an NFL cheerleader seems great from the grandstands but is anything but when you’re one of them. The pay and treatment is so bad that five Buffalo “Jills” cheerleaders are suing the team. (New York Times)

The real reason why Sony wasn’t happy about that hack? The leaking of racist emails about President Obama. (Page Six)

The WWE had their best pay-per-view of the year this week and it was from their developmental territory. I did watch it and it was absolutely magical. (With Spandex)

The Newsroom ends tonight. John Gallagher Jr. looks back on his time on the show and his castmates. (Alternative Nation)

Leo DiCaprio is a legendary ladies man but you never hear any good stories. Until now. (Vulture)

A Harvard Law professor tried to big time a mom and pop Chinese restaurant over $4. I bet he’s regretting that after it became a bit story. (

The lads from OSW Review take a look at The Happening. A movie that most critics agree about but these three can’t.


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