Entertainment Link-Off: All Good Things…

eliza taylor bello 1To the folks in North America, you can finally catch Exodus: Gods and Kings in theatres this weekend! It’s not a bad flick, but definitely not one of Ridley Scott’s finest. Meanwhile over in TV land, many shows are wrapping up the sweeps with their mid-season finales as they prepare to go on a break for Christmas and New Years. The 100 will air its midseason finale this Wednesday. It’s a good show and it certainly leaves you on edge. It also helps that Eliza Taylor is the star of the show. 

After the jump, Harrison Ford likes the Blade Runner 2 script, a bizarre crossover film was in discussion at one point, Bond is going over budget, movie trailers galore and listen to Jimmy Fallon and co. cover a classic song.

The script for Blade Runner 2 is all good to go and apparently Harrison Ford loves it! Well… that’s according to what Ridley Scott said during one of the press interviews recently. (MTV)

Looks like the King Kong prequel Skull Island just got a title change and the release date has been pushed further back to 2017. (Slashfilm)

While a deal between Marvel and Sony is still being worked out regarding sharing Spider-Man, things are pretty much in flux at the moment. IF the deal gets worked out, Marvel would want to recast Spider-Man. I guess that means Andrew Garfield won’t be returning to the role. (Latino Review)

Little detail has been revealed about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but now at least we got some character names to match with the individuals that showed up in the trailer. (Entertainment Weekly)

So the idea/mock poster for 2121 Jump Street isn’t so far-fetched after all since there was talks about a crossover between the Jump Street franchise and something called Men In Black… (The Hollywood Reporter)

Christian Bale discusses about the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. (Soundcloud)

Thanks to the Sony hack incident, we now learn that the next Bond flick Spectre is currently running over-budget at a cost of $300 million. Looks like Sony is thinking of ways to cut down costs. (CNN Money)

Love him or hate it, this video is quite interesting to watch as Michael Bay highlights the process of post-production to premiere for Transformers: Age of Extinction. (Michael Bay)

The fast food chain McDonald’s is going to get their own “Social Network” treatment as a film is in the works to chronicle the rise of the company. (The Hollywood Reporter)

There are certainly artists bashing Spotify at the moment, including his good friend Taylor Swift, but Ed Sheeran is voicing a different opinion. He is embracing what the web streaming service has to offer, despite the fact he doesn’t make much money from it. (BBC)

After 7 years, Sons of Anarchy has come to an epic end. Now series creator Kurt Sutter and star Charlie Hunnam sound off on the series’ conclusion. (E! Online)

The new trailer for Insurgent is here! Let’s just say it’s quite action packed!

The final trailer for The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies gives a nice overview of what happened in the previous films.

The new trailer for Mad Max Fury Road definitely looks insane.

The next disaster porn flick to hit theatres is San Andreas as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tries to save the folks getting rocked by a giant earthquake in California.

Stephen Colbert interviews Smaug. Quite the amusing clip.

Music recommendation of the week. Steve Carrell teams up with Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop quartet as they cover Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing.

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