Sunday Link-Off: The Great Delay

adriana-lima-victoriassecret14-14It’s amazing how much someone’s complete disorganization can derail your plans. I was hoping to be able to watch Doctor Who last night but because some people can’t organize a small gathering including not setting a time to be there, ordering food and leaving it to cool to room temperature before serving, and serving store-bought apps after the mains had arrived. So I have to find time for watching and writing Doctor Who and Haven reviews, the F1 recap, a game review, the game trailers roundup and another et geekera post today. And that’s all because one person didn’t have their shit together.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for the links. Here’s much-awaited return of Adriana Lima.

With the US trying to keep their least favourite countries from getting nuclear weapons, why are they allowed to keep theirs? To protect the world from asteroids. (NBC News)

How hard is getting credit nowadays? Former US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke couldn’t refinance his mortgage. (Wall Street Journal)

Who wants a We Are The Best story? While Don Cherry would probably get criticized for pronouncing Canadian superiority, the next time someone complains about Canadians proclaiming that we are the best, refer them to this statistical analysis of Canadian greatness. (MacLean’s)

A mysterious ball of light was seen over Montreal last week and its origins are puzzling everyone. (CBC News)

The controls aren’t the only joystick that Air Canada pilots are holding onto in-flight. Air Canada wants pilots to stop bringing porn in the cockpit. (Times Live)

The International Olympic Committee says that they’re about sport but a good number of the demands that they sent Oslo for their recently dropped Olympic bid were all about treating IOC members like they were God. (Slate)

When you read about bullying, it’s always from the perspective from the victim. NFL superstar Russell Wilson admits to being a bully growing up and tells his tale. (Chicago Tribune)

University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon talks about the concussion controversy of last weekend and why nobody is going to lose their job over it. (Michigan Daily)

It pays to be famous. John Elway’s son got a quiet trip through Denver court while charged with assault. (Deadspin)

My beloved Detroit Tigers are likely to have their season come to an end tonight or tomorrow. It’ll all be because of the bullpen (and the Fister trade which also led to the Price trade). The problem is that this is the same problem area that has killed the Tigers all season long and seasons before that. (New York Post)

As Bill Simmons’ suspension continues on, a reminder that ESPN has a track record of sacrificing everything else for the sake of its broadcast partners. (Brian Koppelman)

Apparently Kim Jong-un has been missing from official duties for the last month because he broke both ankles after constantly walking in high-heeled shoes. (Racked)

Given that we’re in the awkward transitional period between console generations, maybe every developer should just throw their games at every console and see what sticks. That includes at the Sega Genesis.


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