Entertainment Link-Off: Without A Trace

celeber.ruIt’s October so I am officially returning back to the weekly Entertainment Link-Off posts. My coverage of the Melbourne International Film Festival was a bit slow but at least you caught a snapshot of some of the films at the event this year. Anyway, since we’re back to your weekly links to movies, TV and music, let’s kick it all off with the star of Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike. I have to say, the film is fantastic and the acting performances are top notch. On top of that, I say this is the perfect anti-date movie of the year. 

After the jump, Mystique might be the focus of the next X-Men film, Robert Downey Jr. wants Mel Gibson in the next Iron Man movie, Kevin Smith has a crazy awesome idea for Jaws, and check out some potential endorsements for Jeremy Lin.

So it looks like X-Men: Apocalypse will conclude the First Class trilogy and it will potentially focus more on Mystique. Wait! What about the badass villain that this movie is named after?! (Collider)

Robert Downey Jr. says yes to Iron Man 4… if Mel Gibson directs. That being said, I don’t think it’s a hard stance like what Matt Damon is taking with the Bourne films. (Deadline)

Kevin Smith shares his vision of a Jaws reboot. Though the idea is a bit out there, it’s fun and I certainly wouldn’t mind! Gotta love his passion for films! (Wall Street Journal)

Not that anyone is clamoring for a return of the series Lost, but Carlton Cuse shares ideas about how the show could be revisited. (Digital Spy)

I guess Universal wants to build their own series of monsters flicks as they try to tie in Dracula Untold to future films like The Mummy reboot. Cue the reshoots and the tacked on post-credit scene then. (Badass Digest)

Please don’t let this be true. The upcoming Deadpool movie might be PG-13! (Entertainment Weekly)

Oh the Twilight series just won’t die. It might be making a comeback as a series of short films on Facebook. (Slashfilm)

At first I was going to write this off, but since I saw Bill Lawrence’s name attached to it, suddenly I’m somewhat intrigued. So who’s up for a TV show based on the Rush Hour films? (Deadline)

Gotta love video essays that breakdown how directors make their films. The latest edition, is Gone Girl director David Fincher. (Vimeo)

Gotham debuted to solid ratings and it also topped the list of the most pirated fall series premieres too! Not sure if the latter is such a good thing though… (Variety)

The cast of Community is dropping like flies! Yvette Nicole Brown won’t be making the transition from NBC to Yahoo as she announced that she will be leaving the show for personal reasons. (TV Guide)

I’m really digging the new series A to Z. Maybe it’s because the series feels like a cross between 500 Days of Summer and How I Met Your Mother. Or perhaps I just got a crush of Cristin Milioti. Anyway, she talks about the series and also discusses about the HIMYM ending. (Collider)

The final Interstellar trailer looks pretty darn impressive and I still have no idea of what is really going to happen in the movie.

I saw The Skeleton Twins at the Melbourne International Film Festival and it is certainly a fine film. The acting performances from Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader were superb and they certainly have great chemistry. Anyway, while promoting the film, they encountered a funny incident as a reporter mixed up Wiig’s films, which prompted the actors to do a bit of teasing.

Now that Jeremy Lin is playing for the Lakers, he’s due for some big endorsements. Bring on the Lindorsements!


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